Lord of the Republicans

by Martin

Lord of the Republicans: The twin Towers.

9-1-1, what's your emergency?

John Wilson. That's the name on my pass port. As I show the pass port to the security, I see small children ahead of me holding hands with their parents. Perhaps there getting on the same plane, who knows. Either way, im going to L.A, can't wait to get out of Boston. Well, it's about 6:30, and I can't wait to get to my meeting. To bad im going to miss my kid's b-day, he's due tomorrow, September 12th.

As I board the plane I see it's very full, probably 50+ people. As I sit seat, we start to take off. I start to prepare my speech as we start taking off. It's about 7:50 and we've reached our cruising altitude. People start going to the bathroom as the seat belt sign goes off, I hope they aren't terrorists. About 1 hour into the cruise a Middle Eastern man goes to the bathroom, nothing to exciting. Then when he gets out he just stands in the middle of the isle. As a sturdiest goes up to him, he just punches her in the face with a knife and opens his shirt revealing a bomb. A small child starts screaming and the terrorist kicks him in the face with his fist. The mother is all like "awwww my kid" and then another terrorist runs into the cock pit, and we go into a nose dive. These masks drop from above but we stable out in time. I hope they don't have guns; it would probably hurt to get shot.

Within about 20 minutes I start to hear people talking about what they're going to do with us. I hear rape come up a lot, I wouldn't like that. My organization would never do anything like this, where to low key. I hear another Middle Eastern man reciting from a book that has the title "Karan" on it, I wonder what it is? What I'm, and every one else, is wondering is what the hell is going to happen to us. I hope we don't die, then my wife would have to raise my kid which would suck because he'ed be brought up gay probably, nothing against gays, my wife just always seemed kind of gay. I hope a fighter jet somehow helps us, like in the movie Top Gun, that movie was pretty good, it had tom cruise which kinda sucked, he was alright I guess in that one that was like, in the future, Minority Report. Oh, that movie hasn't been made yet, this is 2001, is this a memoir? Oh well back to the story. I look down out of my window and see a lot of tall buildings, looks like New York; I've seen New York in the movies and television a lot. The song Welcome to the Jungle was wrote about New York, man, that album kicked ass, Sweet child o mine was all like, hard to play and what not, man what ever happened to them? The passenger besides me looked really scared, he looks like a business man, and I wonder if he was, he had a suit so I guess he was.

All of a sudden, we bank to the left really hard, and I see a tall white building really close to us, what's happening, I wonder what George Bush is doing right no" what the hell, the guy next to me is sleeping! How the hell can he sleep during"oh wait he's been stabbed, oh ok never mind then. Well the ground is getting closer; I hope no body's gets hurt, I should've left a note for my wife telling her to let the dog out"oh wait she's the one at home. Ah crap, this sucks"BOOM!

On September 11th 2001, freedom was attacked, ok well; it was like three buildings and was going to be four except these awesome passengers fought back. Either way, the message was clear"they hated our way of life. They hated our movies, even though they where pretty sick, and they hated our music, they hated our opportunities and all that noise too. This story was written about a man with severe A.D.D who was on the flight bound from Boston to L.A; sadly it went to New York, but not in the good way. Either way, U.S.A got pissed and attacked Iraq and they still haven't found the guy who did this, kinda weird if you think about it"oh well, either way, this story is a political satire with a fact behind it: No matter what every one says, they will still laugh under the right circumstances at even the most tragic events. September 11th obviously wasn't funny, and it shouldn't be laughed at.

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