Change Your World

by LJ Nelson

I look around and all I see,

Are things that really anger me,

People controlled by money and greed,

Getting high on coke and speed,

And I wish I could just fade away,

Not be part of this game, cause I don't want to play.

I close my eyes and my dreams unfold,

Places I can see that look like the stories my grandma told,

People caring about one another,

Not judging others because of their accent or color,

They say good morning to people they meet on the street,

And everyone in the world has enough to eat.

I click on the TV. And watch the news,

I swear it looks like we're all gonna lose,

Kids shoot kids over jackets and shoes,

Everyone in the world seems so confused.

I have a piece of info for all you people,

From the very young to the sick and feeble,

We're all God's children, and he loves us so,

But we keep going this way, and the world's gonna explode,

Take a look around, make a difference; you can change your world,

Even if all you can do is hold the hand of a little girl,

Someday she'll remember that and show someone else love,

Maybe then this world can start to become like the one I dream of.

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