Meaning of Life?

by Hailee

"Thanks mom for taking us out!" Marissa said when they got home from the mall.

"Yeah thanks!" said Marissa's sister and brother; Ray and Leia.

"You're welcome" their mom, Theresa said.

As Theresa walked into the kitchen she was overcome with a wave of stress. She saw a whole lode of dishes she really didn't want to do and a floor that had to be mopped. Ugh, There's the cat and dog to feed as we- Her train of thought was cut of with a sudden wonder of where the dog is. The dog was quite old and spent most of her time sleeping on the couch. But she couldn't recall seeing the dog, Rocky, on the couch when they got home.

"Hey, you guys is Rocky on the couch?" asked Theresa to her kids.

"Umm, no." They said simultaneously.

Hmm, I could have sworn she was on the couch when I left, She thought. All the doors were close but she was nowhere insight. Theresa knew that the basement and the living room were the dog's favourite places. She opened the basement door and went down to see a happy sleeping dog on the couch. She went upstairs slightly frustrated because she didn't like to have the dog in room with closed doors. Silly kids locking the dog in the basement, she thought.

"Hey, you kids ought to be a little more careful about locking the dog in the basement,"Theresa said.

"What?" they all said at the same time.

"The dog is in the basement and sure didn't lock her in the basement," Theresa said.

"I didn't do it, I haven't been in the basement all day!" Said Marissa.

"Same here!" said Leia.

"I went in the basement this morning for like 2 seconds to grab my video game and I saw Rocky later on after that so I sure didn't do it.' Said Ray.

"Well one of you did," said Theresa, "So be more careful'.

"Yes Mom." They all said although all of them were sure they didn't do it.

The thing that they didn't know, well none of them could ever know, is that none of them were real accept Marissa. But then again what exactly is real? No one really knows. Everything around Marissa was fake, and illusion. They were figments of her imagination, but she didn't even know it. She lived how she lived. She created this life without even knowing. So when she forgot about the dog it disappeared but when she remembered it she made up a logical explanation of why the dog ended up in the basement not really knowing how Rocky had ended up there. What happened yesterday to her could have not happened. It could be an implanted memory. You may think who implanted it? Well that's the thing. No one knows. So we live are planned out lives. The meaning of life you ask? Nothing.

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