The End of the World

by Sarah McKenzie

  I gazed into the dull, faded, purplish evening sky. Horror gripped my exhausted heart as I stared at mankind's and my own certain doom. My little brother stood transfixed at my side as he too contemplated his last moments of life.

  Ours was a time when evil was unleashed upon the earth and sky. The ungodly desires of men had finally opened a chasm that led to the depths of what must certainly be hell. All around us lay the devastation of our hometown and the people who once and now scarcely live here. Mangled, mutilated bodies, suffering, dying remanants of what seemed to have once been human, the stench of stale and forthcoming death, fear and anxiety, littered the streets and the homes of the innocents and even the evil wretches.

  When hell came for mankind it spared no one, not even its deliverers. I took a moment to look around to say goodbye to my memories. Everywhere I looked I saw devilish creatures. Some were winged with long, pointed tails that swayed from side to side as they propelled themselves through the rancid air. Others resembled those pictures of ogtres and demons so popularly drawn by man throughout the ages.Then there were those who wore the expressions that could only have been the pictures of the state of the wicked souls who hid in human flesh. These creatures walked, dragged, hopped, crawled and glided through the streets as they sought their prey. They sought their victims for both food and pleasure and truly their was a gory feast of flesh as these creatures ate, tortured, and violated both men and animals.

  My body and soul were tired and worn from hiding from and avoiding these devilish feinds. In only a few short days since the first sightings of hell's angels, most of the life on earth had been obliterated. My brother cried with a soft whimpering sadness as he held on to my hand. He leaned on me as I bit my lip and swallowed lumps of despair. My heart and his ached with the fatigue of running while our stomachs groaned with a hunger that knew no satiation. We had earlier made a pact that we would surrender our bodies to be feasted upon so that our souls could be released. We surveyed the sky and I believe at that moment we were just waiting for our demise. I prayed softly that the Lord would make our passing swift and that my brother and I would sail on wings of glory to His kingdom.

  From the sky then swooped one of the black, leathery looking, flying creatures with its fanged, salivated and bloodied mouth screeching a victorious song. In my mind flashed how only two days before I had fought one off as it attempted to grab my brother Rand as he scrounged around for food on the ground. In my heart I had felt an uncontrollable rage and desire to kick the creature back into hell. I had run up to it screaming armed only with a length of wood I had managed to grab from nearby. Rand was alerted by my screams and when he turned, the look on his face fuelled my fury to kill the beast and save his life. I whacked it on its head and it turned with a savage screech that spit saliva on my face. I then yelled for Rand to run for shelter and I whacked it again, this time knocking out some teeth. The creature shrieked and made a hasty retreat back into the sky. It could have killed me then but it probably noticed my determination to end its life and spared me for another time.

  That time was now.The creature flew downwards as it sensed our defeat. I hugged Rand as he clung to me. This time the look on his face made me pray that it would all end quickly. As I stared at the winged devil I thought that it was better this way instead of one of the creatures that walked. At least this creature would surely provide swift death and not torture or molest me or my brother before it devoured our weary flesh. I grew limp and I felt my brother grow cold beside me. I held him closer but could offer him no solace. I couldn't even shed a tear.I bent my head in silent surrender.

  Suddenly the creature screeched as though it had become startled. I looked up and saw it flying away. My gaze then shifted further into the sky. What I saw was beyond imagining. The sky was being illuminated by a spherical, bluish, glowing object with a diameter of about one mile. It was coming towards the earth with an alarming speed. I could actually feel its light falling on me.Rand stared at it with an incomprehensive awe. All around there were yelps, howls, groans, screams and screeching as people and beasts, earthly and unearthly, scattered in various directions to seek shelter while some kneeled and waited for their end. Amazing I thought. In finality all will be destroyed, the good and the bad. Once more I gazed at my impending doom as I clutched my little brother's hand. A blue light flooded the land and I felt some how at peace. The earth and sky were now clear of Satan's pets.Maybe they had slinked back into the abyss from which they came or perhaps they had been vaporised into thin air.

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