The Chosen One

by Fred Itua


Amongst the horrors

Of the night,

I sit all alone

Thinking of my

Chosen one.

Her eyes are like

That of calypso,

Her lips like

The blue moon,

Her breasts like

The twin Siblings.

I might not have

Gold neither do

I have diamond,

All I have is the

Love of life which

I will confess even

In death.

Make me that man

Just like my father,

I will make you that woman

Just like my mother,

Be the dame of my dynasty.

Welcome me into your cosmos,

Take not your tenderly

Love away from me,

Give me a reason for living

Make my living memorable.

Let me not be like

A catholic priest,

Occupy the empty

Space in my heart.

Lovers may separate

Families may go assunder,

Eclipse may procreate,

Enemies may crawl,

I love you is my

Statement of fact.

     Written By

Fred Odianosen, Itua.

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