Tara and Her Trunk

by Aparna N

Tara and her trunk

Tara was a like any other elephant. She had a big body, a big head, big ears, a big tail and a trunk. Well, not really like the others. Tara had a small trunk. Can you imagine thatan elephant with a small trunk?

All the elephants laughed at her. She was very unhappy. All of them had beautiful long trunks. They would fill it with water and spray it on each other. They had so much fun. But Tara's trunk just would not touch the water. She tried hard but it still would not reach.

Oh! How she wished she could play too! The other elephants of the herd would not call her to play. "She can't even touch the water," they would say.

Tara was sad. She would sit alone on her favorite spot at the edge of the big pond with tears rolling down her cheeks. The frogs that lived in the pond would look at her and whisper, " She has such a small trunk!"

Tara felt so lonely. Then one day as she was sitting on her favorite spot at the edge of the big pond, she heard a small cry "crrcrrrcrroaak". Tara looked around. She saw no one. She only saw the other elephants play with their beautiful big trunks. "Oh! How I wish.", she thought.

Suddenly she heard the cry again. "CrrCrrrrroooooaakk!"

Whatever that was it was in pain. Tara looked towards the direction of the sound. It came from under a big stone. Tara moved closer to take a better look. "O dear!", she said.

There under the big stone was a small little frog in groaning in pain. His leg was caught under the stone!

Hearing the small frog cry all the other frogs in the pond gathered around. They tried to call the elephants for help but they were too far away to hear.

Tara felt sad to see the small little frog in pain. She bent down and with her big forehead, pushed the stone a little and picked up the frog with her small trunk.

"Yippee!", cheered the other frogs. "Thank you Tara.", said the small frog in between her sobs. "Thank yousob for helping mesob."

"Oh! That's all right. I am glad to be of help.", said Tara. "Will you be my friend?"

The small frog jumped on Tara's small trunk and gave her a big hug. "We will all be your friends!", shouted the other frogs.

Soon the other elephants heard of this and gathered around. They were all proud of Tara.

Tara was happy she had many friends now. Her small trunk didn't matter any more.

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