by Kim Langley

America, you're standing on my holy ground..

I have given you everything, just look around..

I stand here today and look at you and weep..

My love for you as a nation runs ever so deep..

I have blessed you from the moment this nation was born..

I look at this chaos now and how my heart mourns..

America I call you and you turn a deaf ear ..

You walk away from me and I'm standing right here..

Churches are on every corner but my spirit is denied..

I'm not allowed to enter because you have too much pride..

America, my paradise, you've lost your first love ..

You're no longer content with blessings from above ..

Your thoughts consist of greed and of power,

Never realizing you're now living in your final hour..

Drugs and alcohol have become your childrens best friends..

Parents, did you take time to warn them of the dangers of sin..

The world is at war and hatred fills the land..

Repent and come to me America, do it while you can..

The stench from the world has reached Heavenly places..

It's coming from all directions and from all races..

I weep when I see what you have become ..

I loved you enough to send my only son..

My son, my only son, died while hanging on the cross..

He bled for you, America, to save you from being lost..

Now you have scoffed at all my teachings, you have been lulled to sleep..

By the forces of darkness while I watch, and I weep..

As the final minutes of time are slowly ticking away..

I wonder where you'll be, on the great judgment day ...

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