Life After the Afterlife

by Susan Barrett

                     Life After the Afterlife By Susan Barrett

        B-r-r-r. Wow, it's cold this morning. I wonder what the temperature is, I think, as I grab my glasses off the shelf and tuck them in under my ribs to warm them up before I put them on. After a while I venture out from under the covers, and the dogs take over the warm spot I've left behind.

I go downstairs, scrape a hole in the thick frost that coats the windowpane and take a look at the thermometer. Oh, yeah, it's not my imagination. The thermometer is reading 45' below zero, (Farenheit)

I quickly pull on some clothes, and make my way to the sink to brush my teeth. Oh crap, there's no water coming out of the faucet. The pipes must be frozen too. At least there's some water in the teapot, but as I pick it up, I realize the contents have nearly turned to ice. The propane has turned to gel, so I can't get the burner on the stove to fire up. I brush my teeth with slush.

I drag the generator outside. The dogs run downstairs and make a dash for the outside with me, make quick work of 'business' then run back up to bed. I check the oil and fill up the gas tank. It only takes a couple of pulls, and it fires up. It'll run for about 8 hours now, so I turn my energies back towards the frozen pipes down in the pit.

That little electric space heater is still down there from the last time. Whew, one less thing to worry about, and I drag it closer to the pipes. One of these days I've got to dig out more dirt, I think to myself, and wedge myself in as close as I can get to the maze of piping under the house. I plug in the heater, the coils light up and the fan begins to turn. Yippie!

A couple of hours or so of this and the pipes will thaw. I'll be able to switch on the pump and draw some water out of the well.

As I turn around to go back upstairs, I bump a pipe with my shoulder and it ruptures. Water starts spraying the whole area, and I knock over the old heater.

Oh crap. Electrocution. This is gonna hurt I think, as I close my eyes tight and scream.

When I re-open my eyes I'm standing on one side of a fluttering, sheer, white curtain. It's got that Greek key design running across the bottom edge. I approach it without fear and it blows open for me. I pass through and recognize the entrance to the Courtyard of the Temple of Isis.I walk to the water basin and wash myself, then put on a white robe that's hanging there and enter.

She approaches me and says, "Susan, what are you doing here now? I didn't expect you here so soon."

I reply, "Hello Mother. Electrocution." and drop my Sapphire Full Moon ring into a large copper bowl." Thanks for everything, Mother. I'm exausted." I barely manage to say.

"Go to your cell and nap, you'll feel better once you've regenerated." She says, smiling benevonently.

I drag my leaden feet to my cell and enter it, nearly overcome with the fatigue that has suddenly set in, then climb under the covers next to my sleeping husband.

"Scoot over a little, babe" I say.

He complies, opening his Topaz blue eyes for just a moment. They are all I see.

"Welcome home, love." Is all he says. Then we both quickly drift off to sleep.

We awaken, alert and refreshed, She was right, I feel much better now that I have had a chance to regenerate. We walk out of our cell together to Her Orchards.

We gorge on sweet fruit, fresh off the trees and I am really enjoying the warmth and peaceful beauty of it all as I lay on the soft, green carpet of grass. I shut my eyes for a moment, listening to the drone of the bees at work and smelling the heavy aroma of ripe fruit.

When I open my eyes, I turn my head and look at him. He's fidgiting. He never could sit still for long, and he says to me, "Well, you about ready to go?"

"Ready whenever you are." I respond, and, as I look at him, suddenly he's in full riding leathers, handsome as ever, and sitting on the running motorcycle. I'm in my leathers also now, and I climb on behind him.

Mother Isis stands beside us. "Bon Voyage, my children. Be good. I know you both have it in you to make remarkable and positive changes to your little part of the planet."

He smoothly accelerates the motorcycle. I snuggle in close to his back and, over his shoulder, I say, "Where's everbody else?"

He looks in the opposite direction, and I follow his gaze to a long line of bikers.

He says, "Chief and some of the other boys are in line there, waiting to go on a run. Let them wait."

We go slowly past a cemetary. The grass is spring green, and my grandmother rises from her slumber. "I'm waiting for judgement day." She says, and I let her wait.

"Let's go." I whisper in his ear.

"You bet, babe. We've got things to do, places to go, and people to meet. We're not done doing our part to help humanity yet."

" Let's do it." I whisper again, only a bit louder.

He twists the wick and quickly accelerates, and we approach a curve in the road. He sees too late the curve is covered with a fine layer of sand, and soon we are sliding on it, out of control. I shut my eyes tight and try to hold on to him, but we become separated. I hear him call my name and say, "Don't worry, I'll find you soon."

I remember part of a saying, " Life should not be a journey to the grave in a well preserved and good looking body, but a broad slide in, totally used up, thoroughly exausted, and proudly exclaiming. Wow, what a ride."

When I re-open my eyes, I hear a mans' voice saying; " Congratulations, it's a girl!"

I burst into tears and hear my new mother laugh.

She says to me, " I think I'll name you Susan." I notice her ring, and hear our Mother Isis say. "Good journey, daughter. I'll see you when you get home. Be a good girl and remember to do good things whenever you are able."

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