Jacqueline M. Yohe

America is no longer a safe harbor

Farewell to a place where we tout

"Bring me your tired, you're poor, your wretched refuge yearning to be free"

New York has been bombed gone are the Twin Towers

On this day we sang let terror reign.

And my life will never be the same

September 11, 2001 my first Hallmark anniversaryI didn't have the time to even think about the joy of having made my first milestone as a permanent Hallmarker.

Now when someone asks me when is your Hallmark anniversary I say 9 /11, and I never have a chance to add the yearforever, and ever, 9/11, in this country, will be the day of disaster in the United States of America.

We will not take freedom for granted we do not want to see those twin towers rise over New York city againfar better to leave that gaping hole as a tribute to all those whose lives and hopes and dreams were blasted to ashes

I dream of freedom from terror now, and I no longer feel safe in this once safe harbor we called New York.

I was praying that this tragedy would have some kind of a lasting impact on all those who commit crimes on a daily basis in this countrybut murders are rampantwe have terrorists on every street cornerdrive by shootingsrobberies. Man's inhumanity to man

God Bless the USA

And save us all

From the terror

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