by Ann K

Dialogue between two lovers who are destined to live apart till eternity. They're last meeting at the girl's engagement with another man.

Ann is a rich girl belonging to a traditional orthodox Asian family with strict values and certain code of conducts, while Sam is a white boy who is clueless about his life but who was finally coming around after meeting Ann. The last meeting of these two lovers takes place at Ann's engagement. Ann is getting engaged to a wholesome, settled, parents-chosen, family oriented nice boy. Ann steps out of the hall eagerly. Her eyes desperately in search of the only person whom she had given her heart and her soul to but what she could not give him was her affection, her love and her companionship. She runs out in despair, to search for the only face she wanted to see right now, the only face who was nowhere to be found ever again. She will never see him again. She gets exhausted by this thought and from running. Her chest feels ice cold and she loses her breadth. While she was struggling to breath again and to stop the mist that has blurred her vision, Ann heard footsteps behind her. She froze to death thinking it might be her fiancà but it was just as it has always been with Sam when he made his entrance, always tiptoes into her most private moments when Ann least expects him. So is now, Sam slowly walks towards her with a gait similar to that of a wounded lion. Buttons of his creased shirt opened in an attempt to breath easy and messy hair on his forehead with droplets of sweat clearly defining his agony. Sam stares at Ann's back. Ann could feel the laser sharp focus of his eyes piercing through her body. He could see the rhythmic up and down movement of Ann's chest as if she is trying to catch her breadth like himself. The beautiful embellished and expensive silk and chiffon veil with neat work of expensive stones dangles and create clashing sounds to disturb the silence of night. Ann refuses to turn around and face the horror of Sam's agonistic stare and the revelation of her most private vulnerable moments to him. But when Sam takes two steps towards her and as Ann inhales in the air, the strong masculine smell of his favorite cologne, Poison, hit her nostrils and at once her breathing ability returns. All of Ann's senses come to alert and all her body parts become ears to listen to every sound of Sam's movement. Blood rushes through her stiff cold veins rebelling against the limited volume of its tiny passages. She closes her eyes to imagine how his touch felt on her skin. On the other side, Sam feels an inexperienced rage building up inside him that wants to tear Ann apart in one split second. His muscles tightens with the struggle to control his rage and his earlobes get red hot as they always did when he was not able to express his true feelings. His eyes become bloodshot red. His body breaks out, yet again, into cold sweat and an inexplicable feeling of suffocation overtakes him one more time, as he stared at Ann's left hand with a huge ring in the middle finger, the very ring that has put Ann millions of light years away from his reach. He feels the burden of the ring on his finger. Sam hears his own voice coming from deep inside a well, which is dry of sweet spring water, and when she hears his voice, Ann feels like the spring water (his voice) has quenched off her yearning thirst. When the silence gets unbearable, Sam at last confronts Ann for the eternal pain she has put both of them through.

Sam: You entire life people have said that I will become a psychopath if I did not learn how to feel. And I want to know Ann, what the fuck is so great about feeling"??

Ann closes her eyes to stop the great rush of tears and ends up having a ball of them jammed in her throat. She swallows hard to make some kind of noise to pacify him at least a bit from his firing agony but in vein.

Sam:. "Because I finally let myself" and it feels like my heart is completely ripped out

With all her energy, Ann makes what seems like an utter noise

Ann: I'm sorry"

Sam: I had this insane idea that you and I could be together because it felt real

Ann: I was a delusion

Sam: Then I am delusional because I sensed you felt the same about me.

Ann: What if I did?! What difference would it make?! What if in the time we spent together, I felt more alive than I have felt in all my life. What if that were true? Do you think I would leave my privileged life, my fiance, my family, my home full of servants, my luxurious trips to Europe and Mexico, my 'Desi' full of food and wealth galas, to run to some rinky little love nest"with an aimless, clueless, family less, assistant football coach who barely has his foot in the door. In this ugly world, that kind of love does not exist Sam!

Sam is left aghast at this harsh but naked truth. All of a sudden, Sam feels exhausted to his core as if some one drained him out of all his energy, which after a few moments' changes towards a consumption of his energy by the hatred he feels towards Ann right now. Sam takes those two steps backwards and gives a final cold stare at Ann and walks away, never once looking back for leaving one thing that he had always been searching for"Ann's true love. And as for Ann, this is the beginning of a soul less journey where she will have all the materialistic comforts of life except her heart to cherish them and eternal happiness to savor them.

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