The Last Job

by Eli

"Phew!" Anna sighed in relief as the baby finally fell silent. Walking a few paces she laid down on the couch, turning up the muted television. No sooner had the commercial ended the phone rang. Sighing, she picked up. "Hello?" Anna asked grudgingly.

"Hello," a male voice replied, "I am in your state."

"So?" She wanted to know. But he had already hung up. "Stupid prank callers"" She muttered to herself making her way to the kitchen. While rooting around in the pantry the phone rang again. She checked the caller ID this time. It was an unknown name, unknown number. "Hello?" She answered.

"Hello, I am in your city." The same voice replied.

"Look what do you want?" Anna wanted to know. She was home alone with just her and the baby and she was feeling kind of uncomfortable. The parents wouldn't be backed for another hour or so. "It's just a prank caller." She told herself, but still checked the doors and made sure they were locked.

When she had finished her snack Anna was about to check on the baby when the phone rang, yet another time. Again, it was an unknown name and number. "Hello?"

"Hello, Anna, I'm in your neighborhood." The man replied.

"That's great, stop calling me creep!" She screamed. If this was a joke it was not funny. The caller hung up and Anna decided to contact her friend Jana.

Several minutes later Jana had arrived and knocked on the door. Anna quickly let her in and closed the door. "Oh, thank goodness, Jana, there's this prank caller and he's really starting to creep me out." She complained exasperatedly. No sooner had she finished her sentence the phone rang from the living room.

Anna sighed, "That's probably him again, just ignore it." The phone beeped and a message was left.

"I'm on your street." He began. Anna ran to the window, but no one was there. Meanwhile Jana was in the other room checking on the baby. "And now I'm in your house." He finished. A moment later she heard Jana scream.

Quickly throwing open the door Anna sprinted around the house into the neighbor's yard. "Help!" She screamed wildly, pounding on the door, but no one was home. Whirling around she caught a glimpse of a mast before hitting the ground.

The murder was never solved".

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