by Morgan JackSon

Jacks looked at me and laughed. She thought it was funny that I was scared after what we just went through. Forgive me for being scared after nearly being killed by rebels. Jacks on the other hand is different than you and me. She loves living and fears nothing. She is a free and wild spirit. A great friend and even scarier adversary. She spends her days traveling the globe doing whatever she wants whenever she wants wherever she wants. Her lifestyle would kill me but because of her I am alive. She found me, a poor traveler down on his luck, on the road. I was inexperienced in the ways of travel, unable to hitch a ride. Jacks thought me a character and took me under her wing.

I needed to get home and she said she would take me there even though it was on another continent. At first I was skeptical of her help but then I came to realize she was the only person on this earth who could help me. Now I realize that to her I represented an adventure. I find this funny considering I had the time of my life because of her. Sitting in the passenger seat of a speeding truck going across a desert escaping from the rebels makes you realize how much life is worth and, consequently what you want to do with your life.

Jacks asked me if I was okay. I thought about her question for a second and responded truthfully "I have never experienced life to the fullest until I met you." She smiled and continued driving at around 100 miles per hour.

Next week when I was finally within a day's drive of home I realized I didn't want to go home. Home seemed boring considering all I had been through in the last several weeks. When Jacks and I reached my house, I invited her in and asked if she would want to stay awhile. She said "Okay". The next day she wasn't on the couch in the morning, I found her on my roof watching the sky. When I asked her what she was doing she replied with only a smile. I knew that a smile from her could mean many things. This time it meant she wanted her freedom again. She wanted and needed to be going somewhere. I joined her on the roof then asked "Where are we going now?"

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