In This Life

by Angel Rivera

In this life im locked up

Confined to a broken dream

Like cracks in the cement

I am not what I seem

To be;

To you;

What do I mean, to whom?

Where is my salvation?

I'm the one to blame

In this litigation

Or out of court negotiation


Is" What I need"

To breathe

To live

My creed

My biz.

My life of disaster

Building block master

9-11 once again

My building fell

My block in hell

Friends out of my circle

Ircle attitude


To a negative mood

Im locked up

My eyes with no gleam

Dreaming to live

And living in a bad dream

Nightmare, I'm not scared

Seeing big bear with a glare

You want to intimidate

To late, too scarce

Try as hard, but so farce

I'm halting your action

But still life won't slow

In this life I'm locked up

I can't take any more"

In this life, In this life.

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