Love Pain

by l dharma

The warm night air began to undulate, penetrated by a gentle breeze. She felt as if by magic a cloak of coolness descend upon her shoulders but only momentarily, again the heat.

A sad and peaceful stillness filled her home.

Taking off her dress and underwear she sprawled on the bed. A view of the moon and the city lay before her. It was a half moon, pale and shining hazily. There were no stars to be seen, not real ones, the only twinkling was from the buildings and the street below.

Life could be cruel to some. She had had her fair share of trials and now even as she felt a deep sadness throbbing in time with her heart beat she knew she was going to be ok.

Her heart was used to sorrow. It had grown strong and passionate. Her heart could heal the wounds left by the arrows of cruelty and hardship.

These fresh wounds lay open and raw. She embraced the waves of pain, riding them bravely, her salty tears cooled her sad face.

She tried not to think of him. She tried not to envision him loving another. The waves of pain lapped at her heart.

Yet, she knew it was her destiny to be free and joyful.

Her heart would heal again as it had before. Magically weaving it's red velvety love into a perfect whole.


She hoped and wished for him to also heal. She wished for his heart to be as strong as hers. She prayed his mind would still and his spirit would become serene.

He was young in love and matters of the Soul.

She knew she had to leave. The city was stifling. She needed to be near the sea so her heart could synchronise with it's rhythm.

The curtains billowed as the gentle breeze had quietly turned into a more fierce creature. Forcing it's way into the heat of her home. The half moon was now hanging low and yellow over the city. Slowly, slowly stepping off the stage.

She shut some of the windows to control the fierce wind.

A tiredness was upon her but not enough to ease her sorrow. She knew until her dreams stole her away she would feel the weight of sadness.

She gazed outside, the moon was gone, gracefully exiting the starless night sky.

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