Talk About a Dream Differed

by kiauntra

Talk about a dream differed"

As she sat at the table, writing her "to do" list, the dishes soaked in the sink and the clothes began to start the second cycle, she had bathed the kids and put them to bed and now she thought of tomorrow's venture"call doctor's office, set up payment arrangements on the phone bill. And so on and so ".then walks in the man of the house, he looked and turned and looked again, he had a confused look on his face and she asked "what?" "Oh nothing" he replied he walked around the kitchen looking over her shoulder as she diligently wrote and scribbled to find time to fit a 72 hour schedule into a 24.. "What?" she asked again as he looked as if he was confused out of his mind. As he poured the last bit of Kool-Aid in his cup without even the slightest thought of refilling it up he sat across from her and ask"""What happened?" She, so into her task not even looking up and him, as she still carried on writing her list she said smiling, "Boy, what are you talking about?" there was a silence so she looked up to catch his response and he looked her dead in the eyes and said with the most concerned and at the same time disgusted look and said "what happened to you?"

"You used to have dreams. Remember that?" "And you used to be so fun to hang around with, so vibrant and free, oh and spontaneous.. and you had plans for your life, you wanted a degree, and when we first started talking you wanted to own your own business what was the name of that business again?" as he snapped his fingers. "I cant even remember, but yea, you wanted your own business, and you used to go to the salon everyday payday to get your hair done but now you try to do it yourself talking about you're going natural, Hell naw you are going nappy!!!, and your nails!!" he grabbed at her hands "look at them they all broke off and dirty!" I am a man!" he proclaimed " I need something to look at, I have needs, you don't want to sleep with me, you wont even wear lingerie to the bed, I know you noticed you gained a few pounds but I don't care, girl that's how much I love you!."

He sat there smiling like he was so relieved, as if he had a 10 ton weight lifted off of his chest he was free from all of this he had been holding in side trying to hide how he truly felt he took a deep breath he felt accomplished or you could say he was feeling himself"

And as she took a deep breath and ran her hand over all that new growth, she put her notebook to the side and sat her pen and said".

"True Beauty," "that was the name of the company, its funny how you don't remember the name that you talked so down about, remember, how you told me that no one would ever be interested in a black owned spa? Remember how you said that it would be ghetto? Remember how you talked me out of going into that business owners seminar?" but remember the expression on your face when someone else opened one that following year and now it's a well known chain across the nation?" "But what happened to me?" She tried to fight back the tears. "Fun?" "I remember that I used to be fun, but when you isolated me from my friends and became my enemy it was kind of hard to have fun!" "And as far as being vibrant and free, when you lost your job and I had to be stressed with taking care of the house, the dog, the kids and your grown ass, I was unable to be free, and how the hell was I going to get my hair and nails done?" she paused but she didn't want him to answer "I can afford to get my nails done!" "I couldn't go out, I couldn't pay for nothing extra, and my only concern was for the well being of the house so that my kids could have a place to call home! Instead of doing my school work, I was filling out job applications for your lazy ass!" "But what happened to me?" Before she knew it tears where rolling down her face, after all that she sacrificed for her, for him, for the children, she would have to defend herself like she just let herself go. "I remember how you used to lick your lips as you glanced at my hips but as you stopped taking me to those nice restaurants and traded it in for those burgers and fries, my waist began to grow and I'm still trying to figure out what happened to my thighs." But what happened to me?" "I allowed you to get yours, although I never get mine your 2 minutes of what you call making love, leaves me with years of discuss and unfulfillment, but I still faked it, just to stroke your ego, so you can feel like a man but you never hesitate to let me know how less of a woman I become as the days go by." But what happened to me!" "And I will probably stay with you too." She said as she laughed hysterically shaking her head. "Because of the children and momma always said, "A woman always needs a man around the house," "I guess that's to keep a woman on her knees praying, So I guess to answer your question, You Happened to me FOOL!!" she stormed out the kitchen mad so filled with rage all she could do was cry.

As he sat at the table he thought about everything she said and as he looked up to the ceiling he said to himself, "She is just mad I kept "real: with her, I'm a good man, any woman would love to have me around"

So clueless

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