Lost Forever

by Susana

Why do we become enveloped by such feelings of fear

If I were capable of fleeting this unnatural state

I could finally live;

Live and be free

But that which binds me to this sorrow

Seeks to feast from the remains of my soul

Abandoned as I am in my loneliness

Who will hear my pleads?

And so the darkness surrounds me

--it becomes a part of me

Numbed to accept this feeling

I give in, and find the only comfort I've ever known

Nothing matters anymore

To live, to die, to breathe

All these motions from a life

I do no longer posses

But can you hear me as I reach out to you, my love?

Or are you too blinded to really see

It is perhaps because you've never tried to look within

--deep into this stare in which a frozen soul resides

If only you'd listen!

See what I've got to hide

Let go of mine and your pride

And simply be mine



But you won't reconcile

And in this eternity it seems

Like you and I will never be

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