Fat, Sick and Crazy People

by Carol Barnett

Its 3:00 a.m. and the house is quiet and dark. With arms extended I feel my way down the narrow hallway without so much as disturbing a picture. I don't need a light. I have made this trip so many times before in the dark.

I find my favorite fuzzy blanket waiting for me on the sofa at the end of the hall. I wrap myself tightly in its warmth. I feel so alone this time of the morning even though he's asleep in the next room. I should be sleeping too....its the "normal" thing to do. Night is for sleeping and getting your rest for the following day. Only sick and crazy people are awake at this hour.

Out of habit I reach for the remote. I know the exact spot where it rest on the coffee table in front of me. I turn on the t.v. making sure to keep the volume low and scan the channels looking for a friendly face. I stop when I see a pretty lady smiling teary eyed as she holds up her "fat" jeans for all the world to see. She's telling how she feels reborn after losing all the weight that had kept her in bondage. A tear rolls down her cheek as she describes what its like to feel "normal" again and how much better her life is now that the fat is gone. I wonder if I became obese and then lost all the pounds if I would feel reborn. I wonder if that is a crazy thought. What is being reborn anyway? If you really think about it who would even want to be reborn. I don't remember the first birth but I dont think it is an experience I would want to repeat.

Is there a lot of fat people awake at this hour raiding the refrigerator, cramming their faces with candy and chips and pie?

Maybe....sick...crazy and fat people are awake. There should be a meeting place for all the sleepless people awake at this hour. The fat could share chicken soup with the sick while the crazies entertain.

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