Soul Mates

by Brian R. Pike

Karl kissed her cheek softly, lovingly, as he rose quietly from the bed where they lay. The vision of her naked body in peaceful repose stirred him deeply. He loved her so much. He didn't want to leave her, but he couldn't afford to be late for work, not again. He stepped into his pants which were lying telescoped on the floor and smiled fondly as he remembered the first time he saw her, recalling the warm physiological effect she induced in him.

Karl finished dressing quietly, adjusting his tie in the bedroom mirror while stealing glances as she lay in those blissful moments of exquisite post-coital stillness. He savored the distinctive and sweet smell of her loins on his lips. He delighted in knowing that she was his and would only ever be his. How could she not be? He had found her and seduced her like no other could. His was a love of unfathomable emotional deepness. He turned and drank in the vision of her lovely body once again.

Karl kneeled quietly by the bed and rested the side of his face softly on hers. He floated heavenly in the delicious aroma of her perfume and visually delighted in following the smooth and enticing contours of her body from her soft round shoulders to her finely carved and delicate feet. Those precious toes! He had tasted those toes.

Karl rose and left the room, carefully pulling the door closed behind him. He turned to look in the master bedroom where her dead parents lay, their heads severely bruised and bleeding from the blows to the head that Karl had given them. They had not put up a struggle and were easy to kill. But she!! She had been a fighter!! His loins tingled in remembrance of her adrenaline-spiked struggles to escape until she finally relented to his powerful seduction and his deadly embrace. Karl knew this memory would satiate him for a couple of months, until his love for her would begin to fade away and he would have to find another soul mate to share his passion.

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