Tough Time

by Rachel

High school was a pretty rough time for me. When I say rough, I don't mean at hard classes, or not having any friends. I mean it as it was pretty crazy. I was in the group of four or five girls that drank a lot and smoked quite a bit too. We were pretty good at it though, because we never seemed to get caught or into trouble. At school we all did wonderful, got good grades and were loved by all of the teachers. The instant we left, it was straight to "Sin City".

    Us five girls were all best friends from middle school. We were all really close and never apart. No one could understand how five girls managed to be such good friends without arguing or making one another feel left out, it just never happened. We then hung out with all the wrong people of the town, the ones who sold drugs, did drugs, used each other and stole from each other. I don't know what made me think it was so cool, but then it was the most awesome thing. We ran around with the bad boys of the town and got whatever we wanted.

    The one relationship that couldn't be compared was between Lindsey and I. We were the ones together from the very beginning. We chose who was in the group and who wasn't and we treated everyone else however we felt. All the other girls were jealous of our relationship; but then again there was nothing they could do about it. Lindsey and I were practically sisters, we were the two who were never, ever, separated. She's also the one that changed my life around.

    We met a boy named Aaron, he was our newest friend and dealer. By the time we were hanging out with him we had done any drug imagined and not just once a month. It was a daily thing for us. He was the guy that brought around all the different colored pills called Ecstasy. I don't think we had major problems with drugs at this time, such as having withdrawals and stuff, but I suppose you could say we were all addicts. The problems all began when Aaron brought around this new pill called Oxycontin.

    Oxycontin is a very strong pain reliever used for patients with chronic pain, most of the time cancer patients. For those who didn't need it they served as a very relaxing but still up going drug. I was the first of us girls to try it, and even though it made me sick I still liked it. Slowly we were doing them a couple times a week, to everyday a week, to 5 times a day. The crazy thing was that none of us noticed we were big time addicted and hooked on these pills.

    Slowly we all started arguing and getting angry with one another over every thing. We would argue there were too many of us to all be doing these pills, we would sneak around and pair up with one another to do them. Sometimes I would even do it on my own and not tell a single sole. The pills started getting harder and harder to keep up with because of money and where to get them. That's when Lindsey and I both decided to just start selling them ourselves.

    Lindsey and another friend of ours started to deal them, and then me and my friend Jesse did the same. That was we always had free pills, instead of keeping the money we kept the pills. That was until one-day Lindseys' source ran out and she came to me for some pills. We had already been slowly separating and falling away from each other, but it made things a whole lot worse when that day I didn't have any extra pills. My best friend told me that, "You are not friend of mine, if you were then you would get me some more right now."

    I don't really know what made me start thinking so much but I know I came up with the best response I possibly could. Some how within those few seconds I noticed that all of us really had a problem and it needed to be stopped. I told Lindsey, "If you think I am not your friend then that is your choice, but if you are bringing our friendship in this then there is definitely a problem. I am not helping you get any more pills because you don't need then." Then I got up with Jesse and we left. As I was walking out Lindsey was punching walls and screaming at the top of her lungs to me about not being her true friend. In my eyes I saw that as being a true friend.

    The next day I had no pills and I was very sick, same for Jesse. We then decided we have to stop this because it has gotten way out of control, and we quit together. The sad thing about the way things ended up was that I lost my best friend in drugs, and to this day she's still doing the say thing, she is even in and out of rehab programs. That's the same for the other three girls that were in our group. It's the saddest thing ever that I couldn't have brought them all out with me.

    The thing that makes me know I'm doing right is that ever time I come across one of them I tell them, "When you are ready to quit, and need someone to be there while you sick, cry or are lonely I am here for you. I will be you friend through it all" Then I leave it at that, because that's the only thing I feel is important for them to hear from me.

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