Falling Waters

by mk usua

During my college days as a student of Architecture, I was usually very intrigued and inspired by buildings designed by the masters of Architecture. One of those buildings was the FALLING WATERS designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. He was my mentor, the father of Modern Architecture and also the most popular proponent of Organic Architecture.

It wasn't really difficult for me to understand the concepts and the overall configuration of the design of FALLING WATERS.

It was easy.

It was easy for me because I had my own falling waters.

I was experiencing almost the same things those guys felt as the lived in their house. The same feeling the tourist felt as they walked around and in the building.

I only had one problem, my falling water didn't go under the house, mine was over the house.

My own falling waters flowed occasionally during the rainy season.

Actually, my falling water only flowed when rain fell during the rainy season and leaked down the rusty roof of the one bedroom shack I called my room.

Whenever it rained, I and my roommates had our own falling water experience. I had 3 room mates, Andy, Keh and a giant rat we christened Billy.

Sorry, a little digression, lets talk about Billy.

Billy was a diehard, we had tried killing it several times but he always escaped. Some days I could see it, giving us the finger as it scampered away from our death blows and traps.

No rat trap or poisoned food could capture Billy. Billy to me was a trained terrorist of some sort, who was out to make our stay in the shack more miserable?

He was everywhere (we later agreed that Billy was a male rat, so we started replacing the pronoun it with the pronoun, he and him), he ate our food, drank our water and even used our loo. Our loo was a pit toilet shared by everyone in the whole compound; it was located a few metres from my room.

Gradually, we later got used to him and just let him be. That is how we eventually got a rat for a room mate.

Now back to falling waters.

So when it rained the water came running down the roof into the room. Our bed was directly under the leak so that we could feel the falling waters.

When it rained heavily at night, we could not sleep; we all had to collect the falling waters with buckets.

It used to be quite fun.

After my graduation, I and roommates packed out leaving Billy to enjoy the falling waters alone.

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