In the Closet

by Henry maxwell

"IN THE CLOSET" It's close to midnight, and sleep has escaped my eyes. It is no one's fault but mine, because the whole day I never opened my eyes,

Not every day is like every other day,

but in a literal way, to me a day is like a year,

In the closet, I hear deep slumber,

No it's just my imagination and no other,

I listen closely, and then the door I opened boldly,

That dark spot in the little hole I focused mainly,

I ask myself, did I, if I make that hole?

I remember that in that narrow corner there was a red pole,

But wait, what exactly is my goal?

To find a monster, then make his head roll?

Hell no I can't handle that,

How could I, when I still run from a rat?

So I went back to my bed, but instead on the ground I lay flat,

Imagining myself with the monster practicing karate,

Just one more slumber from that closet, and I'll act,

And that's when I saw the dead bat.

What is a dead bat doing in my room?

Who sent the poor bat to its doom?

Am getting tired of all this,

But how do I handle it?

Once again I heard deep snoring,

Right now am thinking about running,

This time from two different sources,

This indeed is what a horror movie causes.

The time has come for me to be brave,

Even though I just might be digging my early grave,

I will open that door and whatever I see I'll take,

And that is when from this dream I will wake.

Henry Maxwell.

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