Piper at the Gates of Dawn

by Athena

Diary of Trainee CVR2876

Jan 31st, 3010:

It is a new year in Tropix E576. Got up as usual to the delicate beeping and subsequent nudging and then of course the inevitable , Aiera got the bed to fold up and knock me out, leaving me with no other option but to get up. Arrgh! What the hell, I did so want to sleep for a bit. ' Too bad, its way too late for you anyways. As per my calculations, you should be in class in another 25 minutes to allow you to make the optimal contribution to the team. 'Sigh! Aiera! Do allow me a bit of slack I groaned, cant you reprogram or something?'. Knowing of course full well, the answer was well, no answer!. You see Aiera is connected to the Mote

Aiera is my boon, my bane and the sole reason why we humans are able to survive in this chaotic world. Around 2000 years ago, when men finally got fed up of the studities and the vagaries of mankind and the kind of mistakes they made, the concept of paired esoul-mate came into existence. What is it? Well, very simple, its a device which tells us what to do. You see the Elders decided that there should be no more mistakes and wastages made by humans and so, the concept of a paired esoul-mate came into being. It rules your life, ensures that you make optimum contribution to the society and for yourself as well. Its truly the best thing ever. We never make any mistakes. There is no war, no wastage, no mistakes. It is a clear cut simple life and you do what you are told to do,

My earliest memories are of waking up to Aiera. She is my family and we have been together since I was existenced. You know, I've heard that in the Dark Times a male and a female would have a child together biologically. Imagine! I mean, how on earth would you know what kind of genes you are giving that child? And how can a child grow up with just a male and female? Here, there is no question of 'parentage' what a suffocating word! All children belong to the City. We grow up with our batches and our soul e-mates in the School. Our batches are of course depending on our gene pool and which division of Labour we will be assigned to. I'm in Labour Design, and am really lucky, I'm a part of the batch which designs the City's resource allocation. Its a good job and a good life in this great City.

On Sundays, we have an off and retire to our pods. I like to spend my time at the museums, you know the Tree museum, well, thats one of my faviorite ones. Cant belive that once upon a time, trees were availiable all over the land and oxygen was actually freely availiable all over, and there was no need for daily oxygen uploads from the City Center. Thats one of the reasons we cannot leave the City. Outside of the City, there is no oxygen, we cannot breathe there. Thats how one of my batch mates CVR2877 died. He left his e-soul mate behind and ran out of the City. They found him two sun cycles afterwards, he was blue in the face and out of existence. I often wonder why he ran away, he did always speak of running away, said he was sick and tired of being told what to do and that he wanted to run away to someplace where he was the Piper. Strange, Aiera says that he was probably a genetic mistake good riddance, the City has no place for people who do not confirm. But sometimes, I wonder, who is the Piper....?

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