His Story

by His writer?

""".c'mon".. hurry up"... I wanna show you something""" "It's cold at night". Shhh, they'll hear you.

They walked softly down the hallway, past rooms in which the mutterings of their occupants could be heard. Each room, holding a different shade and sound of despair sent an equally unsettling shiver down the spine of the youngest of the two. Though he knew this place and its people he felt no comfort. For everyone he encountered had a certain"".quirk about them. Like the woman he met a few days ago, who showed him a picture of a young boy and said that he reminded her of him. Than she got angry. She grabbed his arm viciously and pulled him close to her and said," BAD BOYS GET PUNISHED". Than there was the man whom once spoke to him about his family, How his wife was so beautiful and "Was the queen of the culinary arts". His son was a musician "If an instrument was put into his hands" he said "he could play it and very well might I add". Upon asking where they were and why he wasn't with them, his face darkened and he replied "they are no longer with us""unlike me".

Of all the people here zack was the friendliest at least to him anyway though a few years older he could be no less childish than a 5 year old. Adding to that his ability for mischief seemed to grow exponentially against the amount of time he had been here. The two boys had not only been there for as long as they could remember but were in fact the only two children in the entire mental hospital. So they stuck close by each other. Even though more often than not zack lead him into trouble.

On this particular night zack had awoken him in his room. having perfected the art of stealling keys from the nurses this was no surprise. His plan so far was to get into the office of dr.xaz because he needed to find out something. "something important" he said. "DID YOU HEAR THAT!?". The boys froze.

"C'mon man do you ever not hear something around here?" the second voice spoke. As their footsteps grew closer from around the corner the boys slowly crouched tightly against the wall. The night watchmen reached the corner and stopped to survey the grounds through the barred windows directly in front of them one while looking remained close enough to zack that he could smell the shoe polish on his his shoes.

A sigh of relief was rightfully held back as the watchmen both turned away from them and continued down the hall.the two slinked silently around the corner and entered the door at the end of the hall.

It was dark and at first zack slowly wandered around the room but than saw his target a file cabinet.he tore the middle cabinet open, searched through, found the one he wanted and ripped the file out, but carefully, opened the it""."what does it say?" .

"it says"".nothing".

Even in the moonlight he could see the dissapointment on zacks face "this, THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!!!" "it has a picture of me, my height, my weight my fucking blood type", "but nothing on my family"" says my last name "Straia, but that's it".

" is there a file on me? "

"let me check"". Yeah, here you are same thing height weight name Cidney Vox. I didn't know your name was spelled with a c."

"neither did I"

the door handle shook loudly. "whos in here! I heard you I know your there" and as the guard advanced into the room cid and zack slowly rounded the doctors desk and as he went around the boys swiftly ran out the door.That cant be it theres more the doctor is hiding I have to come back. Go back to your room ill see you tommorrow.

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