Forgetting Farmtown

by Mattie Anglin

Once upon a time there was a 12 year old boy named Joey. He lived in Stanton, Nebraska with his parents. He was a kind, fun-loving boy. Joey had dirty dishwater blonde hair, and had a freckle on his right cheek. Joey's parents' names were Julie and Mark. Julie was short with brown hair and brown eyes. Mark was tall with blonde hair and green eyes. Julie was a stay at home mom, and Mark worked for the oil company. They lived in an average sized neighborhood. Their house was white with green trim, and was very pretty, and always clean. They had a pet dog named Skip. Skip was a wiener dog with brown spots on his glistening white fur. Skip was very scared of snakes.

Joey was an average, every day kid. He loved playing games with family, and hanging out with his best friend Trevor. Trevor and Joey loved playing sports and playing with Skip. Joey and Trevor did everything together. Their parents were best friends since they were in high school.

One afternoon Trevor was sick, so Joey tried to find something to entertain himself. Joey got on the internet to check his facebook. He saw he had one Farm Town request. He decided to try it since he had nothing better to do. As he let the game load and waited, he was just reading stuff on Farm Town. He thought it sounded kind of interesting. When it downloaded and he started to play, he realized it was a lot of fun. He lost track of time, and ended up playing all day long. He thought he would make this game a daily routine.

As the phone rang Julie answered, "Hello?"

"Hey Julie, its Trevor. Is Joey home?" Says Trevor.

"Yes, one second, let me get him." Replied Julie.

"Hello?" Joey says as he answers the phone.

"Hey man its Trevor."

"Dude I was going to call you. I found this game on facebook, its called Farm Town. You should get on and give it a try!! It's a blast!" Replied Joey.

"HAHA. No thanks, I was actually calling to see if you wanted to do anything tonight?" Says Trevor.

"Not really man I need to get to level ten tonight. As you reach higher levels the harder and longer it is to level up. Sorry man."

As Joey sat at home for the next month playing Farm Town and doing nothing else, he slowly began to slip away from his everyday life. Instead of exercising and hanging with Trevor, he sat at home playing Farm Town. Instead of eating dinner with his mom and dad, he sat at his computer and ate dinner.

Trevor slowly began to forget to call and ask Joey to hang out anymore. He knew he was too busy with that stupid game he started playing on facebook.

The boys weren't fighting or anything, they were just growing apart from each other. They both began to enjoy different things. This wasn't wrong and will happen with age. They also started hanging with different people.

Trevor began to hangout with the boys who played basketball at their school. Every weekend they would all get together and play some pick up games, one on one, or 21.

Every day Joey would try to level up. In order to level up you needed to get XP's. XP's are experience points. In order to get these you have to either buy things, harvest, or plant crops or flowers.

As months went on, Joey was on level 16 already. He played from when he woke up until he went to bed every night. Farm Town was taking over his life but he didn't realize it. He just thought he was being a kid.

Joey's mom and dad were very angry with him all the time since he never hung out with his parents. They would even bribe him with shopping trips, trips to the ocean, trips to Disneyland, and to even go to a Nebraska football game. They tried everything, but yet he still refused. He knew what they were trying to do, and he did not agree. He would not take the trip offers. Joey's mom also threatened to take his computer away, but he would just leave and go get on the computers at the library. His mother gave up with bribing and threatening.

One evening there was a huge storm in Stanton. Joey still was sitting at his computer playing Farm Town. As the lightning struck and thunder roared, Joey was still on farm town. One, two, three, the lightning struck Joey's house. The lightning bolt zapped him right into his game on Farm Town. As he walked around, he realized he was at his farm he had been making. It had his big house he had bought, and a full field of cotton. In fact, it was about ready to harvest.

Normally Joey would hire someone from the market to harvest and plow for him. However, now that he was in the game, he decided he wanted to do it himself.

"Being in the game is so much more fun!!" Joey said.

Some guy by the name of Farmer Bob came to talk to Joey.

"Hello Joey, I'm Farmer Bob."

"Hello Farmer Bob."

"Just thought I would tell you, the only way to get out of the game is to complete it. There are 35 levels. When you beat the game, you can choose to stay in the game or go back home."

"Thanks for that. I will strongly consider staying here because I love Farm Town!"

As the Farm Town days went on and on, Joey continued to plant new crops and build a larger farm. He added ponds, rivers, and paths all over.

Joey's farm was huge! It was 24' by 24'. This was the largest you could get on Farm Town. He had a huge house, and had his farm divided into fourths by rivers. He had bridges over each river so he could get from one area to the other. Every time his stuff was ready to harvest and plow, he always planted new crops. You can plant cotton, onions, corn, potatoes, wheat, grapes, cabbage, rice, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, pineapple, pumpkins, watermelon, peppers, peas, carrots, tomatoes, and many more. On all the different crops there were different prices. Depending on which crop you get, the cheaper ones are the fastest to grow. For example, grapes take three hours where onions take three days to grow. The ones that take longer to grow are the ones that you will make more money on.

Also, there are more fun things to purchase. You can buy lakes, ponds, rivers, buildings, flowers, trees, windmills, animals, silos, harvesters, and you also can get holiday things like scarecrows.

Joey's farm contained a large green house. He had many animals. He had horses, cows, pigs, and sheep. He really liked to grow corn, rice, cabbage, and grapes. He did grow some others but liked those four the most.

One Year Later

Joey had made it to level 34. There were only 35 in the game. He almost had it beat. When he leveled up one more time, it would be time for him to choose to go home or stay in Farm Town forever! He really enjoyed farm town, but he also really missed his parents and his best friend Trevor.

Joey beat the game!

"Farmer Bob, I have decided to go back home. I need to get back to real life and see my parents and my best friend Trevor. This has been one of my best experiences ever. It was almost like a long vacation, but now I am ready to go back home. Thanks so much for everything!"

"Joey, I thank you for coming to Farm Town. It has been helpful having you around to help me out!"

Home at last!

When Joey got back to his house in Stanton, he had walked into the kitchen to his parents and Trevor sitting at the table.

Joey's father questioned, "Son, where have you been for so long?"

"Lets just say that I was on a very long vacation," said Joey.

Trevor replied, "How about you don't do that to us again!"

Moral: Don't put anything in front of the ones you love most. You would never want to lose the ones who love you most for anything.

Moral: Videogames will get you nowhere in life.

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