Christmas Wipe Out

by Markisha Martin

Hello everyone one I`m Chief wiggles and I tell everyone what to do and ". "Hey you jerk, get me some coffee!" Chief wiggles said. Oh, sorry about that, now where was I oh yeah, how to do it well. Ha ha! Now yesterday an idiot named "Raze" almost ruined Christmas for everybody. Let me tell you what happened on the 23th of December, that evening around 1 or 2:30p.m""it was the 24th sir" said a worker. "Shut up I know what I'm talking about you idiot!" Now, let me tell you what happened on the 24th of December.

"Follow in workers" I said. "The fat cow, I"I mean "Santa" "is coming to have an idiotic, I"I mean astonishing (brief) word with you" Everyone soon formed a straight row immediately, except of Raze, he was asleep under his work station. " Raze get your lazy butt over here!" I shouted. Without hesitation Raze immediately ran to his position. Santa entered the workshop looking around to see is everyone is listening to him. "Now as you all Christmas is tomorrow and- "This coffee is cold you! Chief wiggles interrupted. "Sorry Fatty I...I mean Santa" I said with an adorable smile on my face. Then the big fat man continued his long, slow speech, and then finally he was done! "And furthermore" Santa continued. "Are you serious?" I shouted. "Snap!" I shouted. "Crackle and Pop Rice Krispies!" some workers shouted. "I did it again!" I admitted. That large overweighed pickle looked at me like he was going to hit or fire me or something so I jump up and hit in his fat belly. I daydreamed. Ha ha! "Chief wiggles, are you okay?" Santa said. "Chief wiggles, STOP DAYDREAMING1" "Oh sorry!" I said.

It was 9:48p.m when he finished. "That didn't take long!" Raze said. Everyone looked at him and some told him that he was an idiot (including me). I then home to lovely wife" ha ha I'm kidding I'm not married! I'm 48 and I still live with my mommy, because I will miss her bathing me every night, well most night.

Early the next morning around 12:00, I woke up and wondering why Raze is on my mind right now, so I ran to my door and I saw Raze sleep walking and he was carrying explosions and heading Santa sled and he begin putting the explosions into it. I then ran out in my sexy, red hot; poke dotted underwear and my socks in to the freezing weather. "Raze what are you doing!" I shouted. Raze couldn't hear me, "Raze!" I shouted louder. Raze then pick up some gasoline and began pouring it into the sled and lit it on fire, "Idiotic" idiotic!" he shouted. A few lights came on and people started to look out of their windows. "They think I'm idiotic! No, No, NO! YOU GUYS ARE THE ONE WHO IS I-D-I-O-T-I-C (for the ones who didn't know what that spells, it just the word idiotic)." Santa then came out and ran to the sled with a". "Ha-ha! Kidding, he can't run ha-ha! Ahh!!! Okay"okay"" I teased. Santa came out and outside and put the fire out and a huge smoky could formed. Finally when the cloud disappeared so did Raze All the gifts were destroyed and everyone one felt dreadful, because of what they said (including me). 30 seconds later everyone realized that Santa doesn't have a sled and they don't have any presents, so everyone ran to the workshop. "except Santa!" I giggled. By 4:30am everyone was done with everything except Santa doesn't have a sled. "Well he can take me my Porsche" Raze suggested with a sorry smile on his face. Santa took the keys and put on his sun glasses and got behind the wheel and closed the door, and when the reindeers were hooked on Santa called out Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Donder ,Dunder, Blitzen, Now" This car is tight ha-ha!" Blitzen shouted. Santa took off to deliver the presents. Christmas was saved and Raze got fired and and I stole his girlfriend and everything when back to normal, well almost. " I am so naught ha-ha!" I attended.

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