Special Christmas Night

by Prasad

24th Dec evening,

It was a clear and crisp Christmas Eve, and I was in the last time preparations of my Xmas Crib. Finally after 5 hours of work I finished my XMas crib beautifully , with all finishing work's .I went to sleep with

Suddenly I wake up, some particular types of sound is hearing, something is being destroyed by somebody. But the sound stops very soon. After 15 minutes the same sound heard, this time I went outside, I saw small small soldiers are attacking my XMas crib. I did not understand anything, then I saw 3 strange peoples on the road, they were looks like "scholars'.

It seems to be, they want to talk me. "Who is this soldier's?" I asked to the strangers, (I expect a good answer from their scholarship).They are soldiers of "Herodias' they ewre attacking this crib for killing the newly born child, they are send by hairdos, from his order to "kill all the children less than 2 years'.

Surprisingly I have heard another group of soldiers are coming from the right side of home, but as different from the others, this group was very modern with all new ultra model weapons. They have seems to be a group from America.'

The scholars said that, "They are soldiers from America and Israel', they are also aiming for the birth place of Jeasus, the battle for this continues as long as the world lasts".

"Then, What I will do?" I asked,

"Bring them both, for a new war"""." Scholars replied. As from their advice, first I went against soldiers of Herodias, they come to attack me, I ran away from there to soldiers of America .They also start to attack me, both the fighter groups thought that other group is our enemies, and take precautions for a big war. The 3 scholars' gives me good gifts including my favorite choclets, books, ornaments"..also they advice me to present their special gift to the baby Christ.

At the same time, a big battle had take place between them, and after a long time both the 2 groups destroyed by the others in the battle. Now I seen some parts of my crib was destroyed, still it had a good look, in its appearance.

The night had an unusual cold breeze, which seems to have an anticipation about something new. An old song which describing the "birth of a dazzling star' is filled in the atmosphere.After sometimes, I have seen a big number of people are coming with cheerful celebrations .It was a Christmas Carol lead by Santa Claus and his friends. Some of them were dancing and some were singing, all were in very happy mood including my friend Jhony. Some of them were very familiar to me. Santa Claus was very happy himself with a lot of children.

"Wow' my boss Mr.Savio also in the dancing team with the santa.Some Sheppard's from the nearby villages come and joins in the Santa's team. Santa invites me to join the team, and then Johnny opposed Santa in that decision, he was in angry with me. I searched for the scholars', but they have disappeared at that time.

In the morning I have identified the truth ,"all was my dream"'.Yesterday I had played the Computer Game "Age of Emperors' for a long 6 Hours,and that soldiers,battles" all were it's reflection.Also my friend Jhony was in a agony with me from the last few days due to some small small reasons, that also come in the picture.

And in the morning I was in a delightful condition with the great feeling of a night, which happened 2000 years back , which had Christ's birth.Yes ,now I am quite happy in this Christmas Morning.Thanks God"",.

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