by ryan jenkins

I'm slowly waking up. Trying to remember who I am, and what happened to leave me laying on the floor. I seem to be in a bar. There must have been a fight, a bad one. There is blood all over. I see people full of bullet holes, a few shot in their heads. A few of the men look torn apart, a severed, or torn, head lay in the corner, misshapen. Man, looks like a pack of dogs got in here and ate these guys, wonder how I got away..

Its hard to move my eyes around the room, takes all my thought and focus. I see the scene laid out. Bar tables and stools knocked over. Bottles and mugs and pitchers lay broken on the floor, their fermented contains lay wasted all around me. Mixed in with the blood. This was the first thing I began to smell again. I seem to be regaining my senses one by one. I could actually smell the blood in the room. No big wonder though, there was so much of it on the floor, walls, and even dripping from the ceiling. I could smell the tangy iron smell of the drying blood. It was so strong I could taste it on my tongue. Another sense brought back. The smell of the blood brought a sense of excitement to me. I must be remembering the fight last night.

I tried to move my hand over my body and head to feel for bruises or cuts, because I couldn't feel anything. But, alas, I couldn't move anything. No motor control yet, but im coming around. I must have gotten really drunk last night. I burped a bit, and it smelled horrible. Smelled like beer, burgers and that last breath someone breathes out when they die. Man, I will be sure not to eat that again before I drink. At least I don't have a headache and my head isn't spinning. Course I should wait and see till I stand up!

I looked around to see if anyone else was moving. I saw a few pair of open eyes. I watched them to see if they were moving, but the pair attached to the man torn in half, don't seem to be alive. I guess having your intestines spilled all over the beer covered floor isn't a good thing. After deciding no one was around to help me, I decided to focus all my attention on moving. I closed my eyes tight and concentrated on my fingers. Curl, damn you, curl! After a few minutes of intense concentration, I curl my pointer finger. Then a minute later, the middle. After a few more minutes I can curl all my fingers into a fist. Man, that's good, this must be what it felt like when I was a baby learning how to move my fingers and toes for the first time!

After about an hour or so, after I was feeling able to move everything, and try to get my feet under me, I decide to try to stand. Man, usually I would be down for hours, feeling like hell after I drank like this. But I feel alright, so I will try anyways. Got to be damn careful getting up, all this blood and gore on the floor is gonna make it hard to walk. Scanning the area towards the door, I was making notes in my head of how clear the path was. Not too clear.. man it's a mess in hear. More bodies that way. Limbs were pulled from bodies, some pulled all the way off. Some guy with his head smashed against the bar, his life blood had run out of his ears, nose and mouth. There were a few beer mugs left hanging above his head, but those too had been spattered with blood that had run down to drip on the bar.

My sense of touch had come back, which was good, gonna need that to walk! It took me a while to coordinate my body to crawl long the bar floor to the front bar area, to where the brass rail was. I grabbed it, and with all my strength, I tried to pull myself up. My hands slipped, and a feel back down, my arms failing me and not getting underneath me in time. I smashed my jaw against the bottom wooden foot rail. I heard and felt my teeth crunch. I could feel one or two loose. But it didn't hurt, alcohol must still be keeping me drunk. This time, I slowly found a grip on the rail, and very slowly pulled myself up. Using my arms and legs to pull up, I was finally standing, but very wobbly.

As soon as I got on my legs and was able to stand there without holding on, a hunger from way down almost doubled me over. I caught myself on the rail again, but this hurt. The first thing all night that hurt. I looked around, there was a few peanuts on the floor in the blood and the beer, but they wouldn't do it. Man, I usually get something to eat after drinking. Usually a fast food joint is open around this time. I looked outside. Its still dark out. I see a few shadows run by and then a few slowly shamble by behind them. Wonder why noone has come in here yet. The front door was open, someone has to have seen this mess! Doesn't anyone smell that sweet iron smell of the blood on the floor? I will be sure to tell the first person I see that this is here. Well, id better take a peak at myself before I go too far. don't want to look like a murder victim after pulling myself across the floor. Damn it, my shirt! I was trying to get some tonight and I wore my good light green colored shirt. Its got to be ruined, damn it to hell! Oh well, whats more important right now is to eat. Man, I need to chow down! I feel like I will look like a dog eating after they've been waiting for a while. I feel like I need to feed!

So I looked down at my hands. The light in here was dim, must not be two o'clock yet, otherwise the lights would be way up. I could see my hands, though it was kinda hard to focus my eyes. They were covered in dark stains from the blood and beer on the floor. Oh, man, this hunger is killing me, wonder if a cigarette will get rid of a bit of this. I felt my shirt pocket, but it had been ripped away. Oh man, not there, I have to find something to eat quick! I glance in the broken gore spattered mirror behind the broken bottle of liquor behind the bar. I looked like hell. Id gotten hit by something on the side of the face. Big bruise there. Plus, all my skin has kind of a blue tint. Man, I look like hell, I must be sick. I don't feel like it though.

With hunger gnawing at my insides I turn toward the door, and using the bar as support, I made my way towards it. Stepping on pulled out and chewed on intestines and stomachs and kidneys, didn't affect me like I thought. didn't bother me at all. Just seemed more like a waste. The bar ended about 5 feet away from the door, and this was the first time I had to walk without support. I gingerly took the first step. My foot came down and I swayed a bit. I put my hands out to balance. That seemed to help. I took a few more steps to the door frame. Made it. I pulled myself outside. I could finally hear a bit. I could hear what sounded like crackling, like a fire. Oh, shit, something burning out here, not good. All the lights seemed to be on, but noone around. People should be out here on this Saturday night. Oh well, their loss, I don't care, I need to eat! Although I do wish someone was around now.

I walked through the door, then walked through the alcove the front door was setback in, between two glass front windows. The little white tiles under my feet where squeaking. I looked down. I couldn't read the words that were written in the little black tiles, but I saw the bloody smear on them, I followed the direction it took, and I saw where someone had leaned against a car, and a big pool of blood. Oh well, guess someone helped them already. Shit I need to fucking eat! This is killing me. I looked left and right. I saw a few bright signs that would have quenched the fire in my belly yesterday, but, not today. Ahhh, I need something else!

I began to stumble down the street. Looking for something. I could hear pops, shots and screams all around me. I could hear a steady drift of moans, like a sea, hitting me in waves. Louder and softer. I could almost understand it. don't know how, but I could. And something was telling me that I was getting closer to eating. I continued on down the street, staying on the sidewalk, in the shadows. As I was nearing a building corner, someone darted from the other side, running fast. He saw me, and must have seen my face, and gave me a wide berth. Wish he hadn't, I would love to eat him" What the fuck? Did I just fuckin think that? Oh shit, I am out of my damn mind!

As I came close to the corner, I stopped in the shadow of it, the street lights were too bright. I could hear steps anyway. I began to get excited for some unknown reason. The energy in my body rising. I waited, hearing the footsteps coming closer, and closer. I heard the sounds of the footfalls changing directions, coming around my corner. The person came into my field of view, didn't seem me and I lunged at him. Grabbing his head and bring my mouth to his neck. I did this all in one quick, jerky motion. He cried out in panic, then in pain as I sank my teeth into the back of his neck and pulled, the pulled again. The blood flowed and squirted into my mouth and in between my teeth.

What the fuck, what the fuck?!?! I am killing this guy! Why the hell am I doing this? He is bleeding into my damn mouth, why!? But, as I continued to pull and he struggled under my weight on the ground, it tastes" GOOD. This blood and fresh meat feels great and helping the burning in my stomach. I took his head in my hands, he straining against me, but getting weaker by the minute. I brought it up, then slammed it into the pavement. The second time I did that, he went limp. I did that a third and forth time. On the fifth time, his skill split. I pulled on the skin. Dug my fingernails into it and felt the crack. I pushed my fingers in harder, finally puncturing the skin. I slowly pried the edges of the fractured skull apart. His brain was there, glinting at me in the street light. I shoved my hand quickly into the membrane and pushed down. I then closed my hand to grab a bit of it. Man, this sure is fucked up, but I bet its good! I brought the dripping bit of matter to my lips and sucked it in. I could feel it break apart in between my teeth as I chewed it. Its like a fine rare steak, but so much better!

This went on for a bit. I finished up my meal. I could feel the persons blood dripping from my hands and chin. My face must be covered. I have got to look really horrible. But, I don't care anymore! That was awesome, but not enough, I need more. I stood up. I need another meal. I began to look around. I started my stumbling jerky walk around the streets. I heard other foot steps, but they didn't sound right, no rhythm, rather like my own. I ignored them, didn't even care to see who they came from.

A few minutes past, then an agonizing hour drug on. This is horrible, I need to eat, FEED! Suddenly I saw a small group walking in my direction, slowly, bunched up. The sight made me happy. I tried to pick up my pace. But, I might fall, I have to be careful, its hard getting back up. I continued on my normal pace.

The group got closer. I could smell them. The sweet aroma of them. Almost smell the blood running through their veins. I could hear them shout. Then I heard a loud pop. I heard something small and quick fly by. No matter, getting closer, and closer with every step! Another couple pops. A few more flew by. Then a felt a great deal of pressure in my upper chest! Oh hell, they are shooting at me! Damn it, I have to keep going! I got closer still. Another pop. I felt more pressure on the right side of my head. I thin they just got my ear, as I continued shambling forward. Getting closer to a big meal I though"

I heard one final pop and one huge pressure. Then I felt the wind inside the back of my head. I was falling down. I had lost all control. My vision was blurring as I head the ground. Damn, I lost my big meal, was the thought running through my head. The last thing I heard from was, "Woohoo, fucking right, head shot bitch!", as I let out a dying moan"

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