There She Was

by MelissaDials

The sun and the birds woke her from her drug and tired induced sleep. Slowly opening her eyes, taking in the sites around her, more humble then the way they seemed so scary at night. She slept an abandoned back house, maybe at one time used as a type of barn is all that she could imagine it too have bee. The floor in the section she was in was of concreat, but the walls in that part were wood, and detiroting in some part. The windows were barly there. The roof leaked in place. She had her make shift bed in the corner, under the eadge of a built in work table. It didn't leak there when it rained. Her blankests were stolen bed liniens and pillows from a hotal that she had stold on her last vist there. It was warm. She didn't think anyone ever came back there but her an just the very few "friends" she had took there with her. It was like something lost in an old painting, a place left behind from when that spot was part of the world. Now abandoned, and left for gone, invisiable unless you knew where to look for it at. It was her haven, her safe spot. Her secret. She slowly roused herslef, and begain to look around. Here, at this place in time it seem that the birds sang only for her. She remember the time so many years before, that a found lover that sought her had sang the song, "Sweet Melissa" to her. "Hey, Missy, this is your day.", she said to her self. Smiling at things that she tressared that most people would say was junk. Priouse things that she had garded from the wold. Crystal liquer decanters that she had swipped while "renting" her sex to limosine drivers, she liked to always take souviners. She found it fun and exciting to tell a man that prided himself on her being the only one that he would "pick-up" that she could only reconize him by his dick. It shocked so many of them. Yet they would always come back, like it really was "Sweet Melissa". She could make them feel anything, like they were the only man in her world, or if they were freacky, what ever there heart desired. She just knew on instickt of what to do, and what to say. It was time to get started agin. It was problay about 9:30am. She knew thay were waiting for her.

Getting up she went to where she kept her personal hygine things in a basket and a blue and red trunk that she kept below a busted mirrow, that she loved to look in, she could she every thing about herself, even how shatterd live was around her. She had a jug of water, and used some to wash her face and then her teeth, along with a quick bird bath. She brushed her hair, changed clothes, and then did make-up. Off throw the woods she went. Slowy she peeped from the shadows, looking to see what she was about to get into. The cop seane, the trick sean. Then she was ready. She went down the strowl a little under the bridge heading to the store, oh, got a bite already! She gives the look, ya, its John.

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