Mira and Tricia Sitting in a Tree...

by Konner Wilson

Miracle "Mira" Wheeler couldn't believe her luck! She was going to the pumpkin patch the next day with her best friend (and secert crush) Tricia McCrory.

Mira knew it wasn't right to love a girl, but she did, and she had kept it secert for the past year.

Mira was a 5 foot 1 inch girl in the seventh grade with red hair the went doena little below the shoulders and light green eyes.

Mira looked in the mirror and tried to decide what to wear the next day. She finally decided on some skinny jeans and her blue and gray "Cheerleader" hoodie.

She went to bed later that evening after checking her FaceBook and writing in her diary, she wrote:

"I can't wait to go to the pumpkin patch! Tricia, my mom and my dad will be going! And me and her get to go by ourselves! I think I should tell her about my little crush. 'Cause that's what it is, right? Just a little crush I canget over. Every girl, or alsmost every girl, goes through this. I'll tell her that! She's my best friend since like the 4th grade when she moved here from Denver! She'll accept me. It's, like, 10 o'clock right now, I better be in bed before my dad comes up,


The next day, Mira and her parents picked up Tricia from her house. Tricia came from a bad family with drunks and drug dealers peppering the family tree, but somehow, Tricia turned out ok.

She had brown hair the went to her jaw and glasses. But not the dopey, nerd glasses, but just regular glasses. She was in the seventh grade just like Mira .She was about an inch taller than Mira but always seemed shorter because Tricia wore hand-me-down Tony Hawk shoes from her brother.

When Tricia got into the car, the first thing Mira noted was the bleeding cut that went from Tricia's middle finger, and made a slant down to her pointer finger.

"What happend?" Mira asked, keeping her voice down so that her parents wouldn't hear her in the front seat voer the Nirvana song on the radio.

"Nathan came home just about an hour ago from a drinking party."

Nathan was her brother who was 21 and looked like he was 7 feet tall and he was built like a train. He always defended Tricia and Mira, no matter what they did.

Mira had cleaned up the wound with a tissue and some water from her water bottle. Thay had arrived at the pumpkin patch by the time the cut had stopped bleeding.

Mira was thankful she had worn her hoodie, because, being the fall, it gets cold in Ohio.

She looked over and saw that her friend had worn her usaul black jacket. The jacket had skulls on it and weird patterns and it looked like it was sewn, but really it was bought at Old Navy.

Tricia could be a tomboy at times, but everyone thought she was pretty, even some of the girls (Mira included). She had had a boyfriend, his name was Connor, but she broke up with him for God knows why.

Tricia and Mira went off to a part of the pumkin patch that nobody really ever went to. "Why are we all the way back here? All the good pumpkins must be somewhere else!" said Tricia.

"It's cause I wanna tell you something. Something I have never told anyone before." said Mira.

"What is it? Did you kill someone?" asked Tricia, her voice serious.

"No! I want to tell you... that... I..." Mira couldn't finish, she just did the boldest thing she had ever done in her entire life.

She kissed Tricia McCrory.

The best thing is, Tricia kissed back.

When the two finally pulled away, Tricia asked "How long have you liked me Mira?"

"For about a year." she awnsered.

The two walked out of the pumpkin patch, not looking or talking to eachother. When they got back to the car, Mr. Wheeler asked, "Did you girls find any goo pumpkins?"

Mira looked at Tricia and said, "We found something else that was good."

The drive home was good. Tricia couldn't let go of Mira's hand the whole way.

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