My Cell Phone

by K Jambulingam

Thursday, October 15, 2009


I had a cell phone an ordinary one, what I mean is that the cell phone had no FM radio or camera attached to it. I purchased it on a special discount counter for just one thousand rupees. It served my purpose. One day I lost it in an auto while coming from school. Since it was a prepaid phone and has served me for more than a year I did not take it seriously. I thought I should not have a mobile phone at all. But my wife insisted that I must have a decent phone and any time the family members wanted to contact me it would be useful. She requested Mr Shantosh to go with me to get a good cell phone. He selected a sleek and ultra modern phone with all fittings. It was a proud possession of mine. As I have paid five thousand rupees, I was instructed by my wife to keep it safely. I was all the time conscious of my phone and took a great care of the same.

When I went to tour with my children I took many photographs and when I had shown these photographs to my family members on my PC, they appreciated the quality of the cell phone and not about the composition of my photographs. All the same I liked my cell phone

My joy of owning a modern cell phone short-lived. I use public transport to go to school even though I have a jeep of my own. The traffic and the parking place created the problem for not using my own vehicle. One day when I was traveling in auto I had dropped my mobile in it. I reached school and I wanted to contact some people, I found out that that I had lost my phone. I told about this to my friend Mr.Subramanya. He readily gave his mobile to use for the day and advised me to give a police complaint. Some of my collogues told me that they never had heard of recovery of a lost mobile phone. Since the founder would remove the sim card and put another in its place and use it. I lost all my hope of getting the lost phone.

I went to the nearest police station next to my school to file a complaint. The writer sitting behind a big wooden table looked at me with suspicion. I told him that I am a teacher working in the school adjacent to the police station. Meanwhile people came to give complaint about the missing motor cycle and missing wife. He attended to them first. My turn came last. He asked me to write a complaint throwing a paper. I started writing. He took the paper and told that I need not write an essay. He started writing himself. He asked my address and the cell phone number I had lost. I took some time to remember my number. He filed the complaint after taking my signature. He told me that if at all they would get the phone they would intimate me. With this, I lost my hope of getting my lost phone

I thought of contacting my wife to inform her that I had lost my mobile. With lot of hesitation I called her and explained about the loss. She was furious and told that I should be careful. She listed all the things I lost because of my carelessness. The ATM card and the house key were in the list. I was about to switch of the phone. She told me that a good Samaritan had found the phone on the auto and he would return it to me at the school. She told that she had requested him to hand over the phone at the reception. When I was about to leave the school, I asked Mr.Melvin, at the reception whether any body had returned the phone which I had lost. He said an emphatic 'no'. I reached home. I was told by my wife that the phone had been deposited with the reception by then I went and collected my phone.

I went to the police station to withdraw my complaint. The writer was all the more surprised and said, "you are the luckiest person to get your mobile".

I thought that I am luckier than I deserve.

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