13 Days

by Misel Gas

13 days passed since Jim saw another human being,he saw

something but it definitely wasn't human.

What was that....the image of it made him sweat

at the very thought.

3 nights ago he had been on his usual lookout point

on the roof of his three story house in which he lived alone

"such a shame" he remembered what his neighbour had said

"a house that big and he still lives alone"

he was looking at the remains in her backyard right now.

Not a pretty sight,he thought to himself.

It was very cold three nights ago,unusually cold for a september

night,but hey,the weather always sucks.

He didn't care,he was well dressed and waiting,hoping to

see someone is still alive,the white puffs of air from his

breathing formed miniature clouds in front of his face.

Thats when he heard mrs.James scream,her loud and chilling

scream made his blood curdle and he stopped breathing the same

time the screams stopped,then he saw it,a black shadow

dragging mrs. James outside,the creature had piercing red

eyes,they resembled two lit cigarettes,he knew he needed

to do something and he tried to yell out,to scream "stop!!"

but his voice escaped him,locked away,terrified in

the back of his throat.

Jim was now staring at the horrible sight,he felt himself

sweat under his pricey jacket,felt the sweat drops trickling

down his ribs under his shirt.

The sound of the Thing feeding on his neighbour still rung

in his ears,three days later,but that night the sound was even

more disturbing,even more loud and almost deafening

as he saw mrs.James being eaten and he did nothing.

He never even liked her that much but still he blamed himself a little.

It felt like an eternity before the thing stopped eating,Jim was now

more interested in what the hell that thing was then for the well-

being of mrs.James,she was dead a long time now.

The sound of crunching cartilage awoke him from his daze,the ground or

better the roof escaping under his left foot,he didn't fall

but the black shadowy creature froze and looked up,it seemed impossible

but it's eyes actually changed color from blood red to emerald green

as it was focusing on the sound it heard.

The thing stood there there motionless for a few seconds,the eyes turned

red again and it looked down at his meal or mrs.James,how it was known

before,but the ripped out muscles and bones in a bloody pile didn't

look anything like mrs,James anymore.

The thing's white teeth looked like they were at least three inches long

and it seemed to Jim like there were hundreds of them,all of a sudden the

thing made a noise,almost a squeal,but it was high pitched,its head lifted,

mouth gaped open and it let out a screaming howl,Jim was frozen cold

or at least thats how his blood felt,his voice was back now,"oh God,not now"

he thought but it was too late,he felt the yelp leave his throat,and thats all

the thing needed...

Its head turned toward Jim and it just lept,it lept three stories

straight at him,the white teeth almost looked beautiful as they were

closing in on him,Jim fell back,slipping,he felt himself fall,

he was airborne,falling for what it seemed an hour and still not

hitting the ground,he opened his eyes and the white teeth were

still closing in,he wanted to fall hard,he wanted to die like

that,"better than being eaten alive" he thought,but still no

thud,no crunch,nothing....deafening silence...and then he heard it,

a voice calling his name,it was loud,very loud,"what the..?!"



"Wake up honey....you'll be late for work"

His wife was standing above him,her red lips,and beautiful

brown hair brought him back from the dream,he was slowly

coming back...

"what the f...?"

It was just a dream.

-The End-

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