Space for Love

by jodi-ann

Space for love?

Loud chattering consumed the air, and the waves of the sea brushed gently over the white sand. Mama had been home about an hour ago, quietly resting in the large armchair. I plaited my long, brown hair, for it was becoming a pest to my face. I heard an outrageous cry and immediately my heart sank.

I had found my way around to the kitchen. The aromatic scent of gingerbread cakes ruffled my nose intriguingly. I then viewed a little boy, standing in one corner, moping at his index finger. Blood oozed excitedly, I moved towards the fellow. I retrieved some ice form the refrigerator and gently pressed it against the wounded flesh. He squealed, tears burst out of his eyes, feet stomping vengefully against the wooden floor.

She had come to see what was happening. She became startled at his shirt, which was soaked with blood. She pushed me away to tend to him; feeling ashamed I took two steps back. It wasn't my fault; Jake was a mischievous little boy. I once told my younger brother that he would die hard, because of his curious heart.

The moonlight pierced our small window with contempt. I had just finished my bedtime prayer. I stared at the fragile boy beside me; he was given a painkiller and hot cocoa. I didn't remember getting a cup of hot chocolate, I was sent to bed with whip scars, across my back instead. It was unfair for I was only eleven. I heard her came in a moment later, she kissed him lightly on the cheek, and switched off the lights. It was obvious he was her favorite; she never liked me for I was the dead-stamp image of my father, a man she had come to despise.

I was up early the next morning, feeding the chickens. Jake was somewhere making trouble as usual. Their clucking sound created a vibe in my heart. I smiled at one who was busy laying eggs for the family's usage. He used to help me feed the chickens, sadly mama threw him out, when he failed to manage our family. I missed him dearly; he was the only one who ever understood me.

'Susan!' The stern voice called, I ran towards the house obediently.

She had a disgusted expression on her face; she had aged overnight, for her face comprised of many wrinkles. Mama's beauty had been destroyed, ever since our father left. A rancid scent emanated from the refrigerator. I scratched my hair nervously.

'You left the refrigerator opened and spoiled our evening dinner!'

'Oh mama! That's a lie.'

I answered boldly, of course she slapped me. Tears cascaded along my cheeks like a fountain.

'What are we to eat Susan?'

I didn't answer, I paid attention to outside. I swallowed a bump that was in my throat. I stared at her, her face as straight as Mona-Lisa. I immediately ran upstairs to my room, she sighed and threw the spoil meat across the floor angrily.

I didn't mean to blame my brother, but he was the one that got me preoccupied. I had left the refrigerator opened to assist him. He had come to have his evening nap, two hours later. I gave him a furious expression. I wanted to hurt him severely, he made my mother despised me. Despite his age, he was a cruel little boy.

'Got whipped Suze?' He jeered at me.

'You shut up, you little wimp!'

I perched angrily on top of him, and I pulled at his ears until he squealed. I got off him, the minute the door opened.

'What's going on in here?'

'I just nailed your son.'

I laughed hilariously, and hugged my doll Dixie. She was far more beautiful than my mother.

Surprisingly she shook her head and left the room. Sorrow then filled my heart; I couldn't bear to see him in any more pain. I hugged him like a lioness and her cub, and apologized for hurting him. A tear dropped beautifully on his head, as I caressed his small hands"

Written by: Jodi-Ann Smith

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