The Mouth of Evil

by Mikey

The Mouth of Evil by: Reclusive Knight

The sun began to rise as night turned to day just outside the town of Accident. In the rural area lived a

man named Marty; he was a middle aged man and just turned 39. Marty spent years working for the Accident Refuse Service. Through the years he was tormented by the town's folk, especially the children during the summer months when they were off from school. His heart was once well, but it now began to turn black after years of being a recluse; just like a blood red apple left on a tree long past harvest. Marty was rejected by the women around town, and he now turned ugly on the outside as well.

Marty had some mental problems, he was a self mutilator and soon his body began to show visible scars. The morning would start off as a normal morning for Marty, but today he had his monthly meeting with the town's psychiatrist. He hated going to the doctor because everything Marty told him, the doctor would just play it off as Social Anxiety Disorder. The doctor was a busy man as the town of Accident was a depressing area. It was an old mining town, and since the main Cassleman Mine closed many of the town's folk were now out of work. The unemployment level was very high in the area, as well as suicides. Many men would leave home and never come back, victims of their own minds. They would venture out to the near-by woods and hang themselves.

It was time to sit down and eat breakfast at Marty's, and the usual bowl of cornflakes was poured as Marty sat there deep in thought. He was thinking about the day, and what he was going to have new to report to his doctor.

The fresh smell of coffee filled the kitchen. Marty would make a fresh pot every morning and have several cups with his bowl of cereal. After breakfast Marty would go out on the back porch and sit, looking at his grass and the old shed at the top of the yard. This was also part of Marty's routine, he would sit outside and smoke a cigarette after breakfast.

He got up after a smoke and entered the house where he would pull out the cup on his coffee pot containing the wet brown filter and the used coffee grounds. Marty walked back outside and headed up the yard to his shed. After opening the old rusty lock the fresh smell of coffee grounds filled the air. Marty dumped out the days coffee grounds in an old white dirty bucket. This would cover up the musty smell of the old dirty metal shed. In the shed was some gasoline cans, oil, and a riding lawn mower. Covering the floor was an old blue tarp, Marty had this there to catch the black oil that leaked from the old mower. The tarp was also hiding something else? The old shed contained a secret, but no one ever entered the shed besides Marty.

He stood for a minute and looked around, there were cob webs on the shed's ceiling. Marty smiled and often talked to the spiders as if they were his pets. Guarding the shed, and catching the bugs that would enter. Then he remembered his appointment with the doctor and he locked up the shed and made his way back down to the house to get ready for the trip into town.

As Marty finished dressing he walked out locking the house up and hopped into his old blue pick-up. The ride into town was uneventful other than the old dirt road which lead up to the abandoned Casselman mine. Marty was driving by and spotted several bicycles littering the side of the roadway. He smiled and kept on driving, as he entered town Marty drove down the main drag and parked in the little lot next to Dr Pinski's. Marty parked and gathered his thoughts and then exited his pick-up and walked into the doctor's office. He always had the morning appointments because there were not many others there. Marty couldn't stand to be around other people any longer. He was beginning to totally shut down, his mind was filled with paranoia; also besides Marty being a Self Injurer he had many psychotic thoughts about hurting others.

The appointment began as Dr Pinski walked out in the waiting room and waved Marty in.

Meanwhile, back at the old dirt road leading up to Casselman Mine the children were walking and talking. It was Jerry, and his brother Jeremy, along with their friend Dina. The road was to steep and rocky to ride their bikes up, so they were on foot of course. As they approached the top in the distance they could see what appeared to be "The Mouth of Evil"! It was the old boarded up mine, the sign out front read; NO TRESPASSING, OFF-LIMITS, VIOLATOR'S WILL BE PROSECUTED TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW!

Jerry stared at this sign and laughed, then he dared the others to follow him.

Dina began to speak, "hey guys, do you really think we should be going in here. It looks really dangerous, and the sign says..."

Just about this time Dina was interrupted by Jerry who shouted out, "who cares Dina!"

Jeremy was the silent type, and he remained quiet with a little smile on his face.

Jerry began to pull at the old boards as they creaked and cracked, one popped loose and sent Jerry flying backwards and landing on his ass.

Dina laughed as Jeremy smiled.

"Shut up guys, and help me instead of laughing," Jerry yelled in disgust.

Soon he had the bottom three boards loose and he reached in his backpack which contained some sodas, snacks, and a flashlight. He lit the light and shined it into the old mine. The beam of light shined in and illuminated the dark shaft. The opening went straight in, and then it began to slope down. There were all sorts of cob webs and spiders about the ceiling. This was after all their home, the dark, damp mine shaft looked like no one had entered it in decades. Even the sign hanging outside was barely readable.

Marty was now on his way home from the doctor's office. He drove along quickly as he left town and headed home. Passing the old dirt road he again spotted the bikes and smiled, but that smile disappeared as fast as it came on. He was disgusted once again that the doctor told him the same old shit. Social Anxiety Disorder! Marty was really sick of hearing this, and there was something inside of him that told him otherwise. He didn't argue though because the doctor would always have something to say.

As he turned left to head up his short driveway he was deep in thought, "Hmmm, I wonder if the kids went into the Casselman Mine."

As his pick-up came to stop in front of his old country home. Marty hopped out and slammed his door shut in a disgusted manner. He then walked up and opened his door and walked in the house. Looking around he gazed at the paintings on his living room wall. Marty collected old torture and medieval works of art from local yard-sales in Accident. These fueled his imagination as he thought about the people in the paintings getting exactly what they deserved. He lit a cigarette and headed out back on the porch. Marty sat on his old wooden rocker and stared at the metal shed in his yard. He would inhale deeply and then blow the smoke out as he smiled.

Back at the mine the children were now in, and working their way down the slope.

Dina remarked, "I hope there are no bats in this mine, I really hate bats."

Jerry laughed and continued on as Jeremy still didn't say a word.

Little did the children know they had just entered the devil's mouth! They were in a twisted playground, and they would soon discover that they were not the only ones in the old mine. They walked on down as the main mine shaft came to a Y.

"Which way should we go guys," Jerry said in a firm voice.

Dina was already scared and she just wanted to turn around and go back out, but she didn't and pointed right.

The children walked on and noticed as they walked in the dim light that there were several holes in the walls. The old mine had many tunnels and it looked like an underground maze carved in the rock. They stuck together very closely and Dina held on to the back of Jerry's shirt as they walked up the main tunnel. They soon came to an old storage spot, off to the side there was a room carved into the rock that contained old lantern's and rusty mining equipment from years ago.

Jerry picked up one of the lanterns and tried to light it with the old matches he had in his pocket. The lantern lit for a split second and pumped out heavy black smoke as it went back out.

"It's no use, these things are ancient," Jerry hollered out.

They kept on walking and then before they knew it they were walking in water. It was the run off from the rains, it fell from the dark ceiling of the mine.

Back at Marty's he was getting ready to open up his shed. He walked in and put his riding mower in neutral as he slowly drifted it backwards. Then he walked in and grabbed the old blue tarp as he yanked it out of the shed. There was now a piece of plywood on the ground, it was square in shape; it also appeared to be covering up some sorta hole in the ground. Marty walked out of the shed and around the back where he kept an old metal ladder. Once back in he picked up the plywood and there was a dark hole in the earth. Marty smiled and laughed out loud as he carefully placed the ladder down in the hole. He looked around for his gas lantern and spotted it in the dark back corner of the shed. He lit the lantern and then grabbed his hatchet.

Marty started to descend down the metal ladder. His light shined off the dirt walls, this was clearly a man made hole leading underground. After a brief climb down Marty was standing in the old mine. This was his own private secret entrance into the devil's mouth. As he walked the rats began to squeal and follow him as if they were looking for food. He reached in his pocket and pulled out some beef jerky and chucked it at the rats. They began to fight over the smoked meat stick. Marty smiled and continued to walk down his own private tunnel. There were rooms off to the sides; they had a strong odor coming from them that smelled like rotting meat.

On the other end of the mine walking deeper and deeper into the devil's mouth was Jerry, Dina, and Jeremy. They walked up to an old mine tunnel that was considered to dangerous to enter; it was covered with old splintered boards and read; DO NOT ENTER, DANGEROUS, POSSIBLE CAVE IN!

Dina was already scared, and now this made her really nervous. Jerry motioned for them to keep on his heels as he kept walking. What was Jerry looking for? Why would the children do such a dangerous thing?

The mine was known to contain a room full of candy, other treats, and medical supplies. This room was constructed long ago, and it was there in case the mine ever caved in. It could also be used as a fall out shelter in case of an outside emergency. Jerry's father was one of the old miners, and he heard his dad speak of the underground candy stash. This was the reason why they entered, and not only that; if they showed the old hard sweet candy to their other friends, they would look up to the children.

This was a daring thing to do, but Jerry was a brave kid, he was only 13 years old; however he had the mind of a young adult. Jeremy two years younger than Jerry was a follower. As for Dina, she had a secret crush on Jerry, he was what she called cool. They walked on and soon came to an opening on the left side of the tunnel.

Back at the old wooden blockade Marty was slowly and quietly pushing the boards out. He had them rigged to pop out towards the main mine tunnel. The bottom two contained dozens of old rusty nails, when he placed those down on the tunnel floor they looked like a mine field! He could hear the distant echoes of the children, and Marty was now behind them creeping in the shadows. He lowered the flame on his lantern, and the light now barely illuminated the tunnel. The shadow from the lantern flame bounced off the walls like wild bats.

The children could not find the hidden underground candy room, so they decided to turn back.

Dina stated, "It's getting late, and I want to get out of this wet, stinky place!"

Jerry finally agreed and the children were heading back out.

Little did they know someone was stalking them, like an owl in the dark. Marty could hear them coming and he quickly turned out the lantern and went to his knees. The mine floor was covered in water, and the smell was terrible. Marty didn't care, and he would sit and wait like a cat waiting to pounce. Then the voices got louder and it was Jerry leading the way, shining his light down the tunnel he would soon spot something that would freeze his courage. As they followed the wall it began to curve to the right. Jerry was shining his light on the wall and didn't see what awaited the pack.

Then the children heard a splash of water, they all froze. Jerry shined his light and figured it was a rat; but this rat stood on two legs, and was large with a beard. Marty would always say to himself that he let his beard grow wild, like his desire to kill.

As the light shined in Marty's eyes the children were stunned by him.

Jerry spoke out, "hello sir, we were just looking for candy down here, my father use to work in this mine and told me of the hidden stash."

Marty's heart began to race, his urge to kill was very strong. The years of torment from the children while working on the garbage truck. All the women who turned him down, everything in his life that plagued him now came to a spiked tip! His hand came from around his side and in the childrens flashlight shined a silver hatchet.

Dina screamed as she tried to turn and run.

Jeremy was in her way and the two collided and fell to the ground in the crusty water.

Marty began to advance as Jerry ran with the flash light and jumped right over Dina and Jeremy. Marty soon reached Dina and grabbed her long dirt brown hair. He swung his hatchet with great force chopping off the head of Dina as it splashed into the water on the mine floor.

Jeremy in the commotion made his way around Marty and Dina and began to run in the dark! Marty laughed in a high pitch and psychotic manner. Jerry went one way and Jeremy the other. Dina's lifeless body was on the mine floor and in the murky water.

Jerry soon found a room off to the side and entered it, then he hid behind some old 55 gallon drums. Just then a sound echoed off the rocky mine walls. It was a child screaming in pain, and Marty smiled in the most evil manner as he knew Jeremy stomped on the old rusty nails on his way out. Jeremy's feet were stuck to the old boards, and it appeared Marty's home made mine field of rusty nails worked. He went in the direction of Jeremy and soon found him half crawling, and half trying to detach the old splintered boards.

"Ahhh, you little son of a bitch; this will teach you to come snooping around in my back yard," Marty screamed out in terrible anger!

He jumped on Jeremy and began to beat him with the back-side of the old metal hatchet. Soon Jeremy would fall victim to Marty's rage; again and again Marty swung and burried the hatchet in Jeremy's chest until his body was lifeless and a bloody mess.

Marty jumped up and began to drag Jeremy's body about 15 feet to the side tunnel he had crept his way through. Then he walked up and picked up Dina's body and kicked her detached head through the water like a soccer-ball. He laughed and made his way back to Jeremy's body and piled Dina on top of him. The mine was now Satan's playground, and Marty had no time to report home; so he could play all night!

Jerry heard the screams, but he stayed 100 feet up the mine tunnel in the side room behind the 55 gallon drums. He was hoping if he remained quiet that Marty would pass him right by.

Marty began to stalk his way slowly down the tunnel by the light of his lantern. He soon approached Jerry's side room and stopped, he reached out with the lantern and shined it into the dark room and seen nothing. Then he started to walk again, as he walked on he heard something; at the same time he noticed the floor water was not moving. He then knew he had passed the child, as he made his way back towards Jerry's hiding place; Jerry began to run down the main mine tunnel! Marty could hear the splashing of the water as he to made his own splashes.

Jerry's light shined on the lifeless bodies of Jeremy, and the headless Dina. He stopped, and the sight of this macabre scene stunned him. Jerry also spotted the boards that were still stuck to Jeremy's feet; this made him think of the tunnel, and the fact that it now contained traps.

The thought then came to Jerry's mind like an angel to a sick child; if Marty was behind them, and the side tunnel that was sealed when they had passed was now missing boards, then this must be the place the evil madman entered the mine.

Jerry began to crawl through the opening and was careful not to touch the bodies of his friends. By this time Marty was coming down the mine tunnel like a freight train! He soon reached the side entrance and spotted a shadow. Marty climbed through the opening and began to give chase. Soon Jerry would see a side room, and there was a terrible odor coming from it. He stopped for a second or two and decided to continue down the path he was on.

Just as he reached the ladder he felt a sigh of relief. He began to climb the ladder as it started to shake and come away from the wall! Marty was at the bottom laughing hysterically as he pulled the ladder away and it came crashing down to the mine floor! Jerry hit and ground and was immediately knocked unconscious.

When Jerry came to he first noticed the putrid smell. His eyes scanned the room as he spotted Marty on his knees hacking away at the bodies. Jerry tried to scream, but nothing came out as his mouth was covered with duct tape. His hands and feet were also tied together with the tape. He was like a worm trapped in the underground hole. What he watched Marty do would make him pass out again.

Marty was skinning the head of Jeremy; as Dina's skull was now sitting on the ground next to Marty. It was obvious to Jerry that Marty was collecting their skulls like some sort of trophies. Jerry was once again out cold.

Marty picked up an old cloth sack and deposited the two skulls. Around the room were old decaying animal parts, Marty had done this before, but never to a human being! He left Jerry alone and the room grew dark. Marty made his way to the ladder and picked it up and placed it back against the wall. He began to climb the ladder and he was once again back in the old metal shed. He pulled up the ladder and placed the ply-wood back over the evil underground hole, then he grabbed his blue tarp. Marty covered up the ply-wood, and went out to push his riding mower back in. Then he walked out and locked the shed, it was now dark outside.

As Marty entered his home and turned on the lights he threw the hatchet in the sink. Looking at the cellar door he made his way over and down the steps. Once in the basement he dropped the bag containing the two skulls. Marty began to light candles and soon emptied the bag on the concrete cellar floor. He picked up the skulls and kissed them, and then he looked around. The walls contained wooden shelves that were covered with animal skulls. The one shelf had an empty spot were Marty placed the two new human skulls. It was a macabre seen, a pure shrine to the devil! Marty sat in the middle of the floor and closed his eyes. The candle light shined on the skulls, and the shadows danced on the wall's.

Back in the Casselman Mine Jerry awoke in darkness. The smell was burning his nose as he tried to free himself. It was no use, this would become his final resting place. As Jerry began to scream nothing came out. He was trapped, bound, and his mouth covered with tape. Then he heard a squeal, and soon he realized that the rats were surrounding his body. Little did he know these were Marty's only pets, and it was supper time underground. While the rats began to chew on Jerry's bound body he shook and once again he was over come with terror. His body was going into shock, and the last thing he would feel were the rats chewing on his legs.

Above ground Marty was now sitting on his porch. He looked up to a full moon shining in the sky, as an owl let his presence be known. Marty would light up a smoke, he inhaled deeply; then he blew the smoke out. It felt to Marty like a huge weight had been lifted off his chest, he finally felt some release. No one was laughing now, the stinky, creepy, ex-garbageman finally got his respect.


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