by morgan

Chapter One

One perfect night star, my bestfriend, were walking back to my house, when this car had pulled up. Star had a lot of friends and we had taken rides from many of them before. So I simply figured it was one of her friends. She went around the driver side while I got into the backseat of the car.

Right when I shut the door the driver punched the gas pettel running over stars foot in the get away.

" Call the cops " I screamed out the window hoping, praying she heard me.

The driver turned around and smacked me, in the mouth and told me to shut up. At this point I was terrified. We turned a street I knew well, it was Ray's street. Ray was my best guy friend, and also my ex boyfriend. So I knew what I would do. So I did what anyone with a millimeter of common sense would do.

I opened the door just as we were passing Ray's house and jumped out the door! I landed on one leg with the other lagging behind, I heard it snap but did not care. I got up and started hobbling towards the house I knew oh too well. While I was trying to walk along with screaming for ray and jay to come help me. My kidnapper was turning the car around to come and get me. They were just not going to give up. I was about 4 feet away form the road when he hit me with the car this time. It was not some small kinda fast car either it was my dream car a 1996 mustang ford.

When they hit me I let out one of the loudest scream's I've ever screamed. It was worse than screaming bloody murder, worse than someone who just got their throat sliced, yeah that loud. It was no use screaming for Ray anymore, they were not home or else Ray would have done been out here helping me. Now, I was sure they were gonna kill me. So I started begging god for forgiveness for all the things I had done wrong in life.

He simply picked me up and put me in the passenger seat, with a guy I didn't even know was in the car. This guy looked strong that's probably why the other guy had him in the car. He was manly looking, had stubbily for a mustache, brown hair, green eyes, and looked like he was still trying to be a teenager by wearing his jeans with holes and t-shirt. I didn't know what to think now, all I knew was I was scared. The new guy put his dirty hand over my mouth.

So I did what I always do when people do that to me, I bit him. He yelped like a little girl, it was very funny. Well... It was funny till the mean guy turned and punched me in the back of the head. That hurt real real bad.

-To be continued.

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