Bill's Trip to the End of Everything

by Eury

Everything began in a still misty night in Bill's room. 3:30a.m. was the time and Bill suddenly awoke because of the color of the moon shifted colors and the wind grew to be cold waking Bill up. His appearance whose may seem to be odd, is a tall scrawny fellow with brown eyes and hair is peculiarly long. An elevator appeared in front of Bill outside of his window and it read "To the Edge of the Moonlight bridge". He stepped inside of the elevator and the levels were but "Earth" and "Moonlight bridge". Bill pressed the Moonlight bridge and the elevator began to move upwards towards the sea of stars.

"Hmm"the Moon's moonlight bridge? That's an strange way to put it. I wonder if there's candy, or maybe one of those giants in Greek mythology" Bill questioned himself. "But It's a bridge so maybe there is no candy"or giants." he sighed.

"Attention passengers"erm"Passenger, we will be arriving to the Moonlight bridge in about a few days" a quirky voice said on the elevator speaker.

"Oh"a few days, that's fine---WHAT THE HELL" screamed bill.

"We'll include food too and a nice bed to rest your---

"On second thought this place isn't SO bad" he said as he rested his head on the pillow.

The elevator was in mid-space but no one could see it because it was shrouded in cats. Cats surrounded the elevator as it flew up to the moonlight bridge.

"Purrrr---Purrrr!" the cats purred.

"Why do I hear cats? This elevator is weird"but still free food !" Bill yawned. "Boy am I tired. I wonder what my mother and father are doing"" wondered Bill.

One of the cats entered the elevator and started to talk to Bill.

"Hello." said the cat with a blank expression on it's face.

The lovely cat was the color of the darkest nights and its eyes were yellow like the sun on an August summer heat.

"Why do you wish to enter the moonlight bridge m'boy, don't you realize what's up there? Didn't you stop and think that hey maybe this is dangerous and just MAYBE you shouldn't go on a floating elevator." the cat asked Bill.

Bill was eating ice cream when he told the cat "FREE FOOD!"and because I always wanted to know what's on the moon."

"Are all humans down on Earth like you Mr. Bill?" the cat sighed as he put his paw on his face.

"Well I suppose I'm an exception, everyone is different sort of. What exactly is on the Moonlight bridge anyhow? Is there candy? Is there Giants? Is there something I can take back home?" he asked politely.

"What's on the moonlight bridge"hmm"well I know for certain that there's no candy, no giants and certainly nothing you can take back home at least I think so. Seeing that I've never BEEN on the moonlight bridge, how in heavens name would I know ?!" yelled the cat.

"So then why ARE you on this elevator? You don't even know what's on the moonlight bridge and your questioning me that I'm being stupid. I knew cats were weird"but I still love them" said Bill.

The cat stared at him for a good few seconds and started to speak " I must admit you have me there. However me and my friends just like to roam space. This elevator interested us so we went to go and see it. Little did we know that the elevator need cats for fuel---

"Fuel?! Cats?! Moonlight bridge?!" Bill interrupted.

The cat then was sucked outside and began to circle the elevator again. Bill then went to bed after eating another batch of his favorite Ice-Cream.

The Next Day

Ding-Dong. Ding Dong. Ding-Dong. The noise got even louder and awoke Bill.

"Excuse me Passengers---AGH, I mean Passenger !! We will reach the Moonlight bridge in 24 hours. Please enjoy the rest of the flight." The speaker on the elevator stated.

"Well as exciting as that sounds I think I'll just sleep for the rest of the 24 hours." Bill yawned.

Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump.

The elevator halted in it's advance to the moonlight bridge.

"What gives?" he said.

Bill looked over at the elevator hole and saw that a giant was blocking the way. The giant suddenly approached the elevator and opened the door.

"Hello." The giant smiled.

The giant had a big red eye and had a small green head with a big green body wearing only a rag across his chest and covering his legs.

"Do you have any candy with you Mr. Giant?" Bill questioned the giant.

The giant stared at Bill for a good few seconds and then started to speak ""What an odd question from a mere human like you. His eyes sparkled with excitement. Why of course I have candy silly" the giant giggled.

The giant then gave Bill a handful of candy and the giant went off to another dimension. Bill waved goodbye to the giant and ate the handful of candy. Afterwards he went to dreamland.

The Next Day

Bill arrived at the moonlight bridge. The elevator pinged at the halt. As the elevator opened it's doors Bill saw the bridge with awe and amazement.

"Whoa"it's like"well it is a entire bridge connecting the moon and to another dimension" he said with childish eyes.

The moonlight bridge was in fact at the edge of the moon. It was a bridge connecting to a star. The bridge was transparent blue and was guided by the stars near the moon. Bill stepped onto the bridge and walked over the stars and the heavens. As he got closer to the light (the truth) the oxygen was dying out. However he had a oxygen pack with him. The moonlight bridge covered him with a giant barrier.

"Whoa"this is even better then I had imagined." said Bill.

The elevator then disappeared. Bill finally went beyond the moonlight bridge and saw that he was at the edge of everything. Bill saw everything at his feet. The universe was but a children's toy to some other being. As Bill turned his head he saw the absolute truth. He saw that there was the same giant that gave him candy had a joy stick and the universe was in front of the giant. The universe seemed to be a ball and the giant had total control.

"Oh giant, Oh giant will you please stop toying with the universe?" Bill asked.

"Why?"It's so fun and besides nothing can be better then this" eagerly the giant pushed the control and some planets were destroyed.

Bill then came up with a brilliant idea. He threw the ball to the giant and the giant was preoccupied with the bounces of the ball. The universe seemed to have been saved by a simple action as giving something to someone else. Afterwards the elevator came back to Bill and seeing that he could return home Bill destroyed the joy stick knowing that nobody could ever control the fate of humans and that we are not to be toyed with.

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