Bricker - a Campfire Story

by Brian Dunlop

"Okay you guys wanna hear some ghost stories?", says Eric sitting around a fire place in the woods with his friends, Becky, Richard and Mike. "Ooooooohhh scary stories, yours probably sucks.", says Mike. "Screw you,", says Eric, "This one will make you piss you pants." "Oooh, this is exciting.", says Becky. "Ya bet?", says Mike. "Whatever, hear it goes.", says Eric. Mike, Richard and Becky all listened in as Eric tells his story.

"This story is called Bricker. There once was a man named Arthur Gibson, he lived right here in Far Creek, Ohio in the year 1679. He was a doctor in this town and once clients of his started dying of rare unknown disease they started to believe that he was some kind of demon casting spells on his clients to kill them. So, a mob of angry people one night, on a cold windy night like this came to his brick house and started breaking down the walls of his home, tearing down the brick walls with a sledgehammer and bringing him out of his home. Some of the people grabbed bricks from the rumble and used it as weapons as they brought the man to these very woods where they would pummel him with bricks until smashing his head in with a sledgehammer, killing him. They ended by throwing bricks from the rumble of his wall on him until he was buried. There was no funeral for the man, they just left him there, buried under bricks and forget about him. They thought of their actions as good in that he was a demon killing off people in this town from his spells he would put them on. Soon enough people started to become missing and at first they didn't think too much of it until the missing people started to go up rapidly. They checked under the bricks to see that they buried Arthur Gibson, to realize he was missing, but they thought this was some kind of joke until they found one person. The person head was smashed in, in what appeared to be done from the works of a sledgehammer and there was a trail of bricks around the corpse. The person who actually killed Arthur Gibson with the sledgehammer fled town on a count of he was afraid that the rumors of his ghost was coming back for revenge. Some people say he still wanders these woods looking for the person who killed him."

"It was OK, I guess.", says Richard. "Arthur Gibson? What kind of name is that?", says Mike. "Shut up, it's a true story.", says Eric. "I think it was good.", says Becky. "Sledgehammers probably weren't even invented then.", says Mike. "Oh, like you know when it was invited.", says Eric. "Probably not then and I could probably tell a better scary story.", says Mike. "Well, okay then, do it.", says Eric. "I can't, you guys probably couldn't handle it.", says Mike. "Come on.", says Becky. "Yeah, tell the story.", says Eric. "Nah, you guys probably couldn't handle it anyways.", says Mike. "You're such a dumbass Mike.", says Eric. "Yeah, whatever, mine would probably be 1,000 times better than yours.", says Mike. "You don't have one", says Eric. "Shut up", says Mike. "Faggot", says Eric. "Well I don't care, it's getting pretty late out. I think we should just go to bed", says Richard. "Come on, more ghost stories", says Becky. "Yeah, he's right, I'm getting pretty tired", says Mike. "You're just using that as an excuse to not tell your story", says Eric. "No, I'm just tired. I'll say it tomorrow night", says Mike. "Whatever, I'm pretty tired, too. I'll go to sleep", says Eric. Eric, Mike, Becky and Richard all went into their tents and feel asleep to what they would think would of been an undisturbed sleep.

"Becky, wake up", says Richard shaking Becky to get up inside of Becky's tent. "What do you want Rich?", says Becky. "Mike's missing", says Richard. "What?", says Becky. "Mike's missing", says Richard again. "Oh, he's probably out going to the bathroom somewhere, so just go away, I want to go back to sleep", says Becky. "No, Mike's tent is totally wrecked and he's not in there anymore", says Richard. "What, what do you mean?", says Becky. "Come look for yourself", says Richard. Becky comes out of her tent and see Mike's tent totally destroyed with no Mike inside. "What the fuck? You think this could be one of his jokes?", says Becky. "I don't know. I don't think he'll just wreck his tent like that", says Richard. "I don't know, we should wake up Eric", says Becky. Becky and Richard go inside Eric's tent and wake up Eric. "Eric", says Becky as she shook him until he woke up. "What, what do you want, I'm sleeping", says Eric. "Mike's gone", says Becky. "What?", says Eric. "Mike's gone and his tent is totally destroyed", says Becky. "What the hell, this must be one of his tricks", says Eric. "Take a look for yourself", says Becky. Eric and Becky come out of Eric's tent and stare at Mike's destroyed tent. "What the hell, do you know anything about this Richard?", says Eric. "No, I'm just as surprised as you are", says Richard. "You think a bear might of done this?", says Becky. "Nah, if a bear did this I think he would of done this to all of our tents, not just Mike's", says Richard. "Well, I guess we're gonna have to go out looking for his stupid ass then. I think I got a flashlight in my tent", says Eric. Eric then goes into his tent and takes out a flashlight and turns to turn it on. It flickers, but won't turn on. "Damn flashlight", says Eric as he hits the flashlight trying to make it stop flickering and turn on until it eventually turns on. "Good, now let's go out looking for him", says Eric. "I'm scared", says Becky. "Don't worry, it's probably just one of his stupid pranks.", says Eric. "I hope so.", says Richard. Richard, Becky and Eric then walk off aimlessly in the dark woods in pursuit of their friend, Mike.

"Mike? Mike?", says Becky. "Where the fuck is that dude?", says Richard. "I don't know, if this is all a prank, I'm gonna kill him," says Eric. "Why would he do this?", says Richard. "I don't know, he's an asshole sometimes, but I don't know if he'd do this. This is over doing it," says Eric. "This is really scary. Hope he's alright," says Becky. Eric, Richard and Becky continue on their quest when they hear sometime rumbling in the nearby bushes. "What's that?", says Becky. A squirrel jumps out of the bushes in front of them. Becky screams and they all jump back a little. "Oh my God, that fucking freaked me out," says Becky. "Jesus Christ, only a squirrel.", says Richard. "What if it was Bricker?", says Eric teasingly. "With his big sledgehammer to hit us with." "Knock it off," says Becky. "Yeah, Mike was right, that story was kind of lame. I mean Bricker is kind of a dumb name for the killer", says Richard. "Well, it's a true story," says Eric. "Whatever," says Richard. "It's still lame, where you hear it from anyway?" "I don't know, my dad told me, he said they use to tell it when he use to go camping with his friends from this town, he said it's a pretty big urban legend around these parts", says Eric. "Those kids were probably full of shit," says Richard. "I don't care, I also thought it was kind of corny, too. Like they call him Bricker because he got pummeled with bricks, kind of cliche", says Eric. "Well I thought it was pretty scary," says Becky. "Good for you," says Richard. "Shut up, Richard," says Becky. Becky, Eric and Richard continue their journey deeper and deeper into the woods to find Mike.

"Wow, this is taking forever," says Becky. "Yeah, I think we're getting lost, too, we should of went for help," says Richard. "Well you should of thought about that back at the campsite and we're too far in to look for help now," says Eric. "Hope we're not lost, hope Mike's alright," says Becky. As Becky, Richard and Eric continue on to their journey into the woods they find a wallet on the dirt floor. "What's this?", says Richard as he picks up the wallet. "I don't know, open it," says Eric. Richard looks into the wallet, where he sees 20 dollars and an ID that reads "Michael Swanson." "Oh my god, look at this," says Richard. "What is it?", says Becky. "Yeah, what is it?", said Eric. "It's Mike's wallet, he must of dropped it," says Richard. "Let me see," says Eric as he takes the wallet from Richard. "Michael Swanson, yep this is Mike's wallet alright", says Eric. "Oh my god, hope nothing happened to him," says Becky. "So, this means he's not far and we're heading in the right direction," says Eric. "Let's continue," says Eric as he puts Mike's wallet in his pocket. Eric, Richard and Becky continue their trail onward in there search for Mike as they continue they noticed a dark figure about thirty feet deeper into the woods from where they are standing. "Oh my God, is that Mike?", says Becky. "I don't know," says Richard "Let's see, Mike! Mike!", yells Richard. "Mike! Mike!", yells Eric and Becky. "Mike, get over here, we've been fucking worried where you been. Mike!", yells Eric. The dark figure just stood there staring at them and it was so dark they couldn't even make out the face on it. "Mike!", yells Richard. "This is kind of creepy, is that even Mike?", says Becky. "I don't know who else would it be?", says Eric. "Maybe, some guy who lives out here in the woods?", says Becky. "Like who?", says Eric. "I don't know, maybe some old hermit or something," says Becky. "Maybe," says Eric. "Mike! Mike!", yells Richard. The dark figure just stood there, not moving an inch. "Eric shine your flash light on it and see who it is," says Richard. "Good idea," says Eric. Eric shines his flashlight on the dark figure, but the flashlight was not strong enough to project light thirty feet. "God damn it," says Eric. The dark figure stood there glaring at them, until it turned around and ran deeper into the dark woods. "What the hell?", says Becky. "What was that all about?" "I don't know, very strange", says Eric. "Psycho," says Richard. "Okay, that fucking creeped me out," says Becky. "Whatever, if it's Mike it was probably just him playing one of his gay tricks," says Eric. "Man, that guy is oding on it then," says Richard. "Faggot," says Becky. Eric, Richard and Becky continue walking deeper and deeper into the dark, dark woods.

About thirty minutes later, Becky, Richard and Eric come across a hill in a clearing, there go up the hill and they notice a small shack on the other side of the hill. "Wow, someone actually does live out here," says Eric. "Wow, talk about isolation," says Richard. "You wanna go knock on the door and ask him if he seen Mike?", says Becky. "Better not, who knows who lives there," says Eric. "Could be some psycho, I mean he does live in a isolated shack in the woods with no civilization for miles." "Yeah and it could be where that guy we saw looking at us in the woods earlier," says Richard. "Jesus Christ, okay I don't want to go near that place," says Becky. Becky, Richard and Eric make it past the old shack and leave the clearing, back into the woods.

Two hours has passed and still no Mike. "God, this is going no where," says Becky. "We should of just went into town and asked for help, but no, we had to go out looking for him in the fucking woods," says Becky. "Well, no one said to ask for help, when we decided to go out looking for him. I mean I didn't know it would take this fucking long," says Eric. "Come on guys, arguing is gonna get us nowhere. I bet we'll find him eventually, just don't give up hope is all," says Richard. "Well, where the fuck is he? How'd he get so deep in the woods and why?", says Becky. "I don't know, let's just keep looking," says Eric. "This is getting so annoying, a waste of my fucking time, let's just go back, fuck him," says Becky. "This is Mike we're talking about, our friend, we just can't leave him out here", says Eric. "I don't care, if we couldn't find him four hours ago, then we can't find him now, so why bother?", says Becky. "We'll find him, I mean we did find his wallet," says Richard. "That was like three fucking hours ago," says Becky. "I wonder if just planted that there and ditched us hours ago and is laughing at us as we speak." "We don't know that," says Eric. "The best thing is to keep looking. I mean if one of us was lost in the woods, Mike would go out looking for us, wouldn't he?" "Probably not, he's a fucking asshole," says Becky. "I think you're over reacting," says Richard. "I'm over reacting? We're fucking out in the middle of now where, on a wild goose hunt," "Whatever, just keep walking," says Eric. Eric, Becky and Richard continue on into the dark woods in the hope of finding their friend, Mike.

Hours has passed and still no sign of Mike. "We should go back," says Becky. "Yeah, I agree," says Richard. "No, we have to find Mike," says Eric. "Come on it's been hours," says Richard. "Yeah, if we go back we could still tell authorities about Mike being missing and they'll send out a search team and try to find him and they'd have a better chance to find Mike, then us," says Becky. "Everybody shut up! We're gonna continue looking for Mike and that's that," says Eric. "Asshole," says Becky. As Becky, Eric and Richard continue walking on their trail to find Mike, they see someone on the floor, twenty feet ahead. "Oh my god is that Mike?", says Becky. Becky, Eric and Richard run up to the body on the floor and see that it is Mike, only that he is dead and his head is completely caved in and bloody and their is a trail of bricks around him. "Oh my God," says Eric. Becky screams. Eric's flashlight flickers off. A dark figure approaches and then and there Eric, Becky and Richard know it's going to be a long night.

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