The Stalker

by Mark Robinson

The Park

I watch you there. You feed the ducks. I see the time you spend wallowing in your own reflection. Bitch that you are.

The Invitation

Oh yes, I heard it. Do you really think your phone line is as private as all that. He wants you too. You know what for and you're still going to go. Slut!

The Shop Window

There you are again. It's a shop window this time. Are you browsing innocently? I think not. He's in your head again. I can see it from the tilt of your lovely face and the predatory smirk on your luscious lips. I know what's on your mind. You're going to let him, aren't you and I can't stand it.

The Mirror

You should shut the blinds. Do you look good enough for him? Are you ready to eat? He is. I'm sure you smell divine. Where do you hide your self-respect? If you go I'll kill you.

The Return

You did it didn't you? Is his animal scent still on your neck, between your breasts? I am sick. I vomit and you dab gently at the mouth he kissed. Did you enjoy it, whore? Did you writhe and sweat and groan? I see you through the windows of your eyes. You should have locked yourself in.

The Bathroom

You run the bath and I know where you keep your razor blades.

Excerpt from the Coroner's Report

"...and that Schizophrenia is a debilitating and misunderstood disease."

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