Brinlee's Stairway to Heaven (Part 1)

by Kayli Foran:)

The PAC (Performing Arts Center) building of Rockridge Highschool was built back in 1987. This building was a wonderful dream palace where people could act and show their passion for the theatre. Until one day when an awful accident happened. One person was killed in this accident, which we will never forget.

Kelly was shaking and all sweaty. She pulled her hand out of her pocket and saw it was covered in sweat. The fact that this was her first performance in front of Rockridge scared her terribly. Her cousin Brinlee came up to her and asked, "Why are you so scared?"

"I dont wanna make a fool of myself!" Kelly replied

"Kelly, if you get nervous you will. But if you stay calm, you'll do just fine." Brinlee smiled at Kelly and held her hand.

Kelly stopped shaking and looked at Brinlee.

"Kell, say to yourself it will be ok." So Kelly sat there smiling and saying to herself, "It's okay, it's okay."

When it was time for Kelly's act, she did wonderful as Brinlee smiled at her the whole time. Kelly heard a rumble of thunder and suddenly, she freaked out and lost it.

"I feel something bad is gonna happen!" Kelly yelled with big, scared eyes.

Brinlee comes up on stage and whispers to Kelly "Get off stage, Kell its ok."

Kelly got off stage and everyone began to leave since the presentation was over. Brinlee was the final person in the PAC. When she was about to leave she tripped over a cord and fell and got her leg stuck in a hole.

"Help! I'm stuck!" She yelled.

Nobody heard Brinlee and they were already gone. Out of nowhere lightning struck the PAC and half of it exploded. The other half was set on fire and burned down. Lots of people cried. Others were in shock. Kelly hugged her mom and cried.

"No more performances for me." Kelly said.

Kelly's mom looked at her and said, "It's ok Kelly, they will rebuild it."

Later that night, Kelly texted Brinlee. Brinlee never texted back.

The next morning Brinlee was not at school. Kelly sat on a bench in the cafeteria and called Brinlees parents. It went straight to voicemail and Kelly said, "Hello Mr. and Mrs. Dellson, this is Kelly your niece, Kelly. Anyways, I was wondering where Brinlee was? I'm starting to worry. Thank You." Kelly hangs up and sees Melanie in front of her.

"Hey Kelly! What's wrong?" Melanie asked.

"I'm trying to find Brinlee." Kelly replied "I haven't seen her since the accident yesterday."

After school, Kelly drove to the Flower Shop that Brinlee's mom works at. "Hello? Is Mrs. Dellson working today?"

A mean looking woman looked at Kelly and replied "No, she will be out for a while. K?"

Kelly turned to leave, but saw a sign that looked like this:

"Have you seen this Girl?

Name:Brinlee Dellson





Weight:about 100 pounds.

Date Left: 9-11-09"

Kelly looked at the paper as her eyes filled with tears and worry. This was the same day the PAC caught on fire.

Farrah walked up to Kelly and asks, "What's wrong, Kelly?"

Kelly ran to her car and drove to where the PAC building used to be. She ran out and picked up all the burnt wood while crying. Farrah grabbed Kelly and looked into her eyes, "What's wrong Kelly!"

"Brinlee is Dead! It's all my fault!" Kelly yelled.

Kelly did not wanna believe what was happening but she just knew it was true. Farrah looked towards the back of the building and saw a hand sticking out. Kelly runs to it and undigs all the dirt to see Brinlee's body covered with burnt wood and ashes. Kelly pulls Brinlee's ponytail out and hugs her body while crying so hard. Kelly looked at brinlees hand.

"Her fingernails are purple. Our favorite color." Kelly said while crying. Farrah hugged Kelly and looked at Brinlee's dead body in shock. Brinlee was put on life support until 9:13pm when she was pronounced dead. Kelly quietly sat in the pew in the very back with Farrah beside her. It tore almost everyone up when Brinlee's mom spoke about Brinlee. After the funeral ended, Kelly didn't talk to anyone. Not Farrah or her Mom. No one.

"Its not anyone's fault that Brinlee is dead but mine" She says, "I killed Brinlee Dellson."

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