Ignorance Is Not Bliss

by Alan

The sun shining upon my skin and the wind in my face, I kept running to school even though there was no point I would be late anyway. As I was running along my normal way to school, I saw a girl about my age. She seemed like she was very sad, carrying those heavy boxes. She was opposite to me at the crossing, both of us waiting for the cars to pass. I heard a police siren from a distant thinking that it was getting closer to us. When it was okay to cross I ran and I accidentally bumped into her and all the boxes she was carrying fell to the ground then I saw a car speeding right towards us at an immense speed and the sound of the police siren had become closer. Without hesitating, I grabbed the girl and threw us to the side of the curb just barely avoiding death. When I looked up, I saw the police car hastily speed by, not even concerned about our well being, only worried about the other car. I looked around hoping people would come towards us but no one was present or even concerned, they just looked at us and continued walking. That's typical, not one person came to us or even asked if we were okay or anything like that. You would think people are more decent than that, but no they just kept doing their own daily business like nothing had happened. What a world...

Then I heard the girl cry and I completely forgot that I saved this girl. Her tears kept pouring out and I tried to comfort her, but they just kept coming and I was starting to get a little irritated. When I was just about to say something about her crying, she said in a quiet but sweet voice. "Thank you" thank you for saving my life" and gave me a cute smile. I kept looking at her, I didn't know what to say or do. I'm not used to being in situations like this, I've never done any good deed to anyone in my entire life. Then she looked towards the road where we were almost hit and started to cry again about all the destroyed stuffed animals, but there was one that stood out from the rest of the cuddly animals. It was a dazzling white teddy bear, but the head was decapitated. Just the head of the teddy was fantastically designed and seemed to be the most lovable looking stuffed animal I have ever seen before. The rest of the body had a tyre mark across the rest of its body, which completely destroyed the fine work someone has put in it. I said to the girl, "are you crying because of your teddy bear?' She simply nodded and continued to cry.

I stood up and walked over to pick up the pieces of the teddy bear and gave it to the girl. She cried even more. I couldn't bear this anymore, her crying was giving me a headache! That loud pitch noise is just too much to bear. So, I decided to talk to her about the teddy bear and said "Why are you crying over a teddy bear? It's only an inanimate object that can't move. You shouldn't cry over things like this. Think what people might think if you continue like this. How much importance is this teddy bear to you?" She looked up at me and replied "This teddy bear was given to my mother, it is my most cherished thing I have apart from you now". I kept staring at her, wondering why she considered me as one of her most cherished things now. What she is trying to say here? "Apart from me?" I answered with a quizzical brow. She observed me vividly and suddenly took my hand into hers and said in a low voice. "Well, I was feeling really depressed and I really wanted to kill myself, but then you saved me from getting hit by that car and it made me realise that I don't want to die, life is more pleasant than what I had suffered. Now, I have a purpose to keep living." Why is she holding my hand? Well, at least she stopped crying, but what was this purpose she has now? So, I questioned her, "What purpose?" She looked at me and giggled, "To be with you the rest of my life and serve as your partner as long as I live."

Then I noticed that she had moved closer to me, that her bodies were almost touching each other. Her expression looked like she yearned for something. Oh, wait...Okay, this is too much. I can't be with her for my whole life, I don't even know her but she does look kinda cute for a girl at my age. Well, I loved the way her eyes sparkled as her tears ran down her face earlier. No way! I can't be with her. I looked at her straight in the face bluntly and replied, "I really need to go to school now". I ran off, she chased after me, tears in her eyes, saying "Please come back!! I need you, I can't live without you!! Come back!!" I just kept running"

When I got to school, I kept thinking about her non-stop. I couldn't get her out of my head. These eyes of hers were all I could think about. All she wanted was to be with me and treat me right, but my ignorance couldn't allow me to think clearly. She wanted to kill herself, but I changed that and now she is living her life for me and she seemed so much happier than when I first saw her waiting at the crossing. I never really thought of what type of girl I would like to life with the rest of my life, but I know now that she is really the one I could love. I cannot allow her to shorten her life again because of me. I ran back to the street where we almost got hit by the car. I looked everywhere but she was gone. I didn't even ask her, what her name was"

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