Devil's Dance

by Etornam

Death hugs, no laughter.

Passionate kiss, brought tears.

Firm embrace, waves of grief.

Spiraling tower, no solution.

Only resolve, watch or run.

Did done, sorry not enough.

Day the world shook.

Asian tsunami,

Widow maker.

Making orphans without pity.

Beckoning tears.

Eloi! Eloi!

Lament met deaf ears.

Silence, answer to prayers.

Crying made the lyric,

retreating steps the rhythm.

Eclipsed by terrible roar.

The dance, too gruesome to behold.

Man and ocean in horrible embrace.

One puppet on string, the other a firm master.

Like lovers, one unwilling,

the dance to doom.

Calamity, not a fit description.

Asian Tsunami, better not recalled.

To what sin did man owe such atonement?

I thought the promise firm,

never again with water destroy,

yet Tsunami struck.

The son adorned the cross,

bloodied by the world's sin.

Shall we hold to fate or faith?

The peace shattered in Sri Lanka.

Tears in Indonesia.

Thailand mourns.

Gnashing of teeth in India.

Bangkok buries her dead.

Mauritius laments.

How could such burden be borne.

Where for rescue run.

Dance of death, what next?

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