Unhappily Ever After

by A M

Once upon a time, Souls were formed from God's image. Each Soul was born with a Twin and separated at the time of their creation.

After separating Twin Souls, a small drop of each was removed, then placed inside the other Twin; thus each Soul was able to carry a part of their Twin with them. Doing so created specific Soulmates for every Soul created.

These souls were responsible for bringing life to the human bodies on Earth. Then, when embodied in human form - the Souls would spend their lives searching for the one other person who could complete their Soul, because without that last drop of Soul, one could not be at Peace.

Completion of your Soul meant you could retire from the human cycle, forgo reincarnation, and pass into the Heavens to become an Angel. Humans who did not find their Soulmate in their lifetime, would then reincarnate and begin the searching process all over again as another human in another life.

There was an Angel who was responsible for creating the Twin Soulmates. She was so enthused with the creation that she often got distracted by her work. After giving each Twin a drop of the other, the separated Souls were to be placed in orbs and stored in time until they were to embody their human forms " waiting in a timeless trance before thier long journey on Earth could begin.

On one particular day, the Angel was very distracted as she was separating two Twins- and she began to daydream about the day she met her Souldmate on Earth. Getting caught up in her own bliss, the Angel dozed off into a deep trance. When her mind returned to the present, she returned to

the job she had left unfinished. She placed one drop of the female Soul into the male Soul and then placed them both in their designated orbs . She was amazed at how the male Soul was shinning far brighter than the other; she had never seen anything like that before. She was curious but not concerned enough to investigate, so she continued on with her task.

God was watching the Angel work and observed the mistake the Angel overlooked;

She had infused a drop into one Soul but not the other. The male Twin had received the drop of his female Twin but she did not obtain his.

Instead, the female Twin was overlooked during the infusion and was left incomplete instead.

God shook his head in frustration but decided with a sigh not to interfere with fate, even if there had been a mistake.

Eventually, as time passed, these twins were born into human form.

They lived surprisingly close to one another - in the same city and were very close to the same age.

The female Soul embodied a human named Nickole and she spent much of her life longing for love. Nickole wandered from relationship to relationship looking for the one who would be able to complete her Soul. She gave her love so freely and rarely received half of what she gave to others.

Then, one day she met her Twin, unknowingly. The male Soul was named Addam and he was dark and

mysterious. His eyes were the deepest brown and Nickole believed she could see part of herself inside them. Their differences were astounding in every way "and they seemed to be an unlikely couple, but for some reason they were unable to tear themselves apart from one another. They began to date and Nickole slowly fell in love with Addam. She felt whole and complete. She knew she was more herself when she was with him but could never fathom why and didn't care because she was joyfully in love.

Their relationship was strong, passionate, and intense. Addam began to understand the depth of Nickole's love and he played along because he knew that he made her happy; but in the back of his mind he was also aware that he was whole without her. Although he cared about her " he never saw himself within her as he knew she did with him.

Eventually he could not continue his farce and he decided to let Nickole go. He felt he was doing her injustice by absorbing all the love she had to offer without truly returning it. So, Addam removed himself from her life and she became fragmented once again.

But unlike every other time, when this relationship ended, she didn't continue her search for love because she realized she had found true love in Addam; instead she adopted the identity of someone else " a completely different, but false Nickole. She filled her mind with numbing agents and distractions to bide the time, knowing she would never be complete again without him. She regarded her misfortune as part of her burden to bear. Self destruction overcame her and the once brilliant light of her Soul darkened into a smoldering ember. She lived her life watching it pass her by.

Eventually, her human body died and the female Soul was not restored because she was incomplete---You see, souls could not survive more than one lifetime without 100% of a soul ---she was like a puzzle missing pieces, that was forgotten high upon some shelf in the attic. So, the female Soul was eternally stuck in a human form devoid of life.

The male Soul was able to live his human life feeling complete and confident. Addam was capable of receiving love and sharing with others but he never had the pleasure of knowing his true Soulmate during his lifetime. Because he was unaware of how it should have been, he was therefore, not bothered by what he didn't know.

After living his life, with time his human form died and his young soul was allowed to pass into the Heavens for eternity because his Soul was complete with the drop he had received at creation.

Upon entering Heaven, It was there where he learned the truth about his Soulmate. Regret and longing filled his heart as he looked down upon his Twin. She was earthbound in a decaying form buried 9 feet under the soil. He was greatly disturbed by the fact that the dull glowing ember of her soul resembled the smoldering flames of eternal damnation hidden just a few miles below her.

God appeaed during his realization and attempted to comfort the male Soul. "What a timeless and irrepressible tragedy, I was unaware of how cruel Fate could be" admitted God to the Soul, "I promise I'll never allow such a thing to happen to any Twins again, Souls will now be allowed to choose their own partners, my Son."

The Soul allowed a grimace to form across his face as he shrugged off God's humility. After a minute of silence, he thought to himself "But that promise is too late for her and me, and therefore, I could care less", and he quietly removed his wings, placed them in God's hands and willingly fell from the Heavens.

For a brief moment, the winds echoed his last words and the clouds absorbed his tears. Everyone on Earth shuddered as the name "Nickole" reverberated in their minds and the blue sky opened up upon them and soaked their inner Souls.

So you see, not everyone lives happily ever after.

The End.

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