Art? Yeah.. Right

by Omid Delbandi

Blood in my vessels

Blood in my heart

Something like a ship

Going through night

Nights of any corner

Solitude of flesh

Warmth of the height 1

Warmth of the height

Blood is coming

Warmth of blood

In the weather of the night

In the snow, in the white

Mixing scarlet with the white

Forming a good art of God

A man on the ground

Face on the snow

Back toward breathing 2

Wrist is bleeding

Pouring blood

Harden the movement of clot

So as the movement, as flight 3

Frozen blood on the face

Face of ground

Face of man

Red and white

Yea, red and white

What a mixture of the right

"Tis true ART of the GOD.

1. Ascending of the soul

2. Wind

3. Death

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