Waking Up Dead Part 3 Normality for One

by Connor Robertson

Again hi, after this chapter there wont be any messages from me, I understand it makes me look like I love myself.

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Third Chapter, took a risk on this one hopefully no one will care or notice it, reviews good or bad are welcome towards chapter four, enjoy.

Some Adult Content. I mean it this time.


Kiana was awake when Hanian arrived home, she was still wrapped in the covers as she tried to turn on the television, it was early morning and she was bored of sleeping.

"Hanian" said Kiana, she looked much better to him after a good nights rest and some food, the bread was still their but not untouched, a quarter empty.

"You don't know how to turn on a television" said Hanian, slightly mocking but not cruelly.

Kiana blushed, her pale skin glowed in the morning sunlight, and she had decided to open the curtains to let the light and daylight warmth in.

"I've lived on the street all my life, the only fun I ever had was counting the rats beside my bed" she said, trying to and succeeding in making him feel slightly guilty, she laughed quickly, but nervously as if her joke wasn't funny.

Hanian walked over to her and pressed a switch beside the glass box, a picture instantly flickered on, it was bright and colourful and depicted four fully grown adults singing and dancing with banjo's and acoustic guitars.

"I see those instruments a lot on the street" said Kiana, happily watching the miniature people dance and sing their silly song "People play them and they get money, sometimes I've danced to their music".

Hanian sighed at the children's show, but if she wanted to watch it he didn't care.

"You'll have to wear these covers for a bit longer I need to get some sleep for an hour or so" said Hanian slowly.

"Did your hunt go well?" asked Kiana.

He didn't answer her back. Kiana thought it must be a personal question.

Eventually she was bored of the television, after an hour staring into it her eyes hurt, perhaps she was to close so she amused herself by exploring the one roomed apartment, it didn't take long but Hanian woke up as she finished.

"You don't sleep long do you?" asked Kiana, hugging the covers tighter to her body as he looked at her.

"No" he said "So how to you feel".

"Well enough to walk" she said "Perhaps I should go now, well once my clothes are washed".

"Nonsense" said Hanian, he walked over to Kiana and led her back to the bed, he turned his back as she got comfy "You'll be resting for at least another day or so".

Kiana closed her eyes as Hanian began to wash her tattered clothing, it didn't take long but the drying would, he explained.

A knock came at the door, Kiana awoke suddenly, she hadn't realised she had been sleeping.

"Hanian I know you're in there" shouted a male voice "I know what you're hiding in there".

Hanian gritted his teeth in anger, the television was on and Hanian sat on the floor watching it, it was quieter than when Kiana watched the dancing people "Bastard landlord, someone must have saw me carry you in last night".

"No one likes you here do they" Whispered Kiana, the television covered her voice.

"Well I might have stolen some silver sir" shouted Hanian "Don't worry IT has been melted down, you'll receive your cut soon".

The landlord was unimpressed "I mean 'it' in a Nameless variety".

"You bastard you know I don't use Nameless" said Hanian, lying badly.

"Yes but you carry them unconscious into your flat on a regular basis" he said "Let me in or I'll unlock the door myself".

"Busted" said Hanian.

Kiana panicked but knew how she could hide "Sit" she whispered.

The landlord unlocked the door just as Hanian sat down, he was a short fat man with no hair except for his chest, he wore a yellow open top shirt and a pair of brown slacks and brown loafers, a man enjoying his power and wealth.

"Where is she" he demanded.

"Who do you mean?" Hanian lied, sitting on his bed watching television.

Kiana was hidden behind Hanian's bulky figure, she had quickly removed the covers and flattened them as Hanian sat down, she crouched behind his bulky figure hugging her knees and keeping her head down, if the landlord came closer, he would find some random Nameless sitting naked behind Hanian, and she also begged him not to find the drying clothes on the radiator, if the landlord was as scared as he was of Hanian he would be to afraid to come closer.

Thanks god she was as thin as she was.

"You know what I think, you came here looking for trouble" said Hanian "It's not unlike you to make up stories in an attempt to get me thrown out".

"Now see here boy" said the Landlord "You're a thorn in my side, I'd love to see you on the streets".

"Well have a look around" said Hanian "I can prove I'm not hiding anything".

The landlord flinched, so did Kiana, she jabbed him hard in the back with her elbow.

"Well, come closer" said Hanian, jabbing her in the ribs softly, he probably knew what he was doing.

The Landlord didn't move "No, I can see no one's here".

Suddenly Kiana sneezed "Crap" she though.

Hanian cringed, the sound was unmistakably female, the landlord smiled cruelly.

"Come out" he said "And leave".

Kiana wrapped herself in the covers as best she could before Hanian stood up; she got up, feeling weaker again, and embarrassed that her hiding plan went wrong, not to mention how she stood in front of the Landlord.

She hung her head low to the Landlord.

"She's sick sir I was looking after her" Hanian started but the Landlord put a hand up.

"Well Hanian, looks like you've done it at last" said the Landlord, he was trying not to smile but failing.

"Done what?" asked Hanian, putting a comforting arm around Kiana, he knew what was coming.

"Given me an excuse to throw you out" the little man jeered with happiness "And I mean now, not that twenty-four hour crap".

"I have every right to invite who I want into my flat" argued Hanian.

Kiana said nothing, her head still lowered in shame.

"I own this whole street kid" said the Landlord "And your little flat is on my land".

"Then how much to buy it" said Hanian.

"I like this flat, new buyers will come by eventually, and I can make more in a year off rent than to sell it to you".

Hanian was out of options "At least let her dress you bastard".

"Of course" said the landlord politely but not turning his back, so Hanian did it for him, violently then he bought the slightly damp clothes to Kiana; she gave him a look of deep apology.

Hanian kissed her on the forehead, gently and kindly.

She smiled.

Hanian turned his back as she dressed, when he turned back round she stood in her clothes from last night, why she insisted on keeping them was mystery.

"Stay with me and you'll be fine" said Hanian, he had nowhere else to go either, but come nightfall he would be able to earn some more money, with what he had right now he could afford basics, blankets, food and water, he had spent most of the money last night getting Joshua's Katana engraved with his deceased friends name, it still didn't seem like a waste, the rest went to repairs on his own equipment, he had taken a good beating.

Hanian gathered up his hunting gear, Handgun, bullets, steaks and the two swords, he didn't bother with other clothes, they would likely get stolen.

The Landlord slammed the door behind them, laughing at Hanian; he couldn't care less for Kiana.

Kiana started to sob, Hanian held her close.

"I'm sorry for this, you should never have let me in" she said between choked breaths.

Hanian laughed as he spoke "I spend most of my time on the street anyway, I know how it is here".

It didn't improve Kiana's mood, or her illness.

It was still hours till nightfall so Hanian led her to the church; the Priest welcomed them, unaware of what was happening.

"You poor girl, what is the matter" he asked as he wiped her tears with a kerchief.

She had never felt so stupid or pathetic, she hadn't cried about anything ever even in when her depression felt unbearable, she had kept it together, but she had not only continued to ruin her own life but had effectively ruined someone else's life.

"The landlord found her" said Hanian "Threw her and me out".

"I'm so sorry" she said again, the priest put an arm round her,

"No, you're ill your actions weren't on purpose" said Hanian.

"Why are her clothes damn?" asked the priest.

Hanian explained everything that happened in detail.

"How embarrassing for you dear, come to my room, you may use my bed to rest, you still look gravely ill" the Priest said.

Kiana shook her head "We have to get supplies, I know a few places where we can get the supplies" she cleared her throat "Well cheaper".

"So there are thieves that give to the people in the slums" said the Priest "Good people I must say, well maybe they have good intentions".

"The Hoods" said Hanian "We've crossed paths once and they steal more than food and blankets".

Kiana nodded and smiled faintly "They will help us find a place to rest.

Kiana hugged the priest tightly goodbye.

"My dear twenty-four hours in a house and you didn't wash" said the priest unintentionally taking a deep gasp of air "Forgive me".

Kiana just smiled again "I could barely stand, let alone shower".

The priest waved her off as she followed Hanian down the street, towards a new life, but probably not a good one, the Hoods would decide that far...

(Story ended, remember positive or bad, comments are welcome).

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