Waking Up Dead Part 2 Vampire District

by Connor Robertson

Not so sure the first part was out before I finished this chapter, I hope it does ok, please read the first one before you go onto this one. For one it will make sence and two i'm the author do as i say.

The third and hopefully not final chapter is done, I'll remind you why, good or bad reviews I dont mind, I just need comments so I can perfect on it, a fourth chapter will be released if im satisfied with positive or negative feedback.

Enjoy the second part, the introductions are done and you get to read about a normal night for Hanian, if vampire hunting can be called normal.

Some Adult content.



Hanian opened up his two room house, it was small but cosy, not that he used it much, a bed was crammed into the left corner facing a small television, on the right wall was his fridge, cooker, sink and counter, all spotless, like the rest of the room, to the left was a small chest of drawers containing his daywear, the other room was a small bathroom.

Hanian lightly dropped Kiana into the bed after removing her boots, she woke up instantly and stared around the room, fear in her eyes then she saw Hanian and seemed to remember what was going on.

"Wasn't a good dream" she said then coughed a little and Hanian suddenly remembered why she was here.

He rushed to the counter and took out the biggest pan he had. He put it down beside her, she looked at it, confused.

"Just in case you-" he made fake retching sounds and pretended to vomit inside it.

Kiana laughed at his immaturity "Thank you" she said "I'm sure it will be handy eventually".

"Can I get you something to eat, or search out some fresh clothes?" Hanian asked.

"You can probably wash these" said Kiana, referring to her tattered rags.

"Are you sure, there kind of tattered?" said Hanian.

Kiana shrugged "Not like I'm staying forever is it, you should keep your own clothes".

Hanian saddened inside, there was no way she would be able to stay because his landlord despised Nameless and refused to let them into his buildings for long periods of time, unless he did it himself which was rare, but he wouldn't notice Kiana he was afraid of Hanian after he pinned him to the wall when he insulted the Priest's need to help people like Kiana, he wasn't protecting nameless but merely helping the priest. So now he only came by for rent every month, which wasn't soon.

"I would if my landlord wasn't so against your kind" Hanian knew that came out wrong but Kiana didn't look insulted.

"I understand rent is more important, these clothes are warm enough anyway" said Kiana; she showed no emotion as she spoke, like it didn't even matter whether she lived on the street or in a mansion.

"Well what will you wear when I'm washing them" said Hanian.

"Covers" said Kiana, a confused look on her face that said 'What else would I do'.

Hanian had barely taken in her words before she went under the covers and started fumbling about, she passed him her shirt and trousers and other assortments.

Hanian folded them gently as Kiana slid slowly from under the covers, her extremely pale skin on her shoulders bared as she rested pinned the covers down with her arms resting at her side.

Hanian walked over to the sink and placed the clothes inside, then went back under the counter and pulled out some bread, then poured a glass of water.

"Try not to vomit on an empty stomach, eat as much as you need" said Hanian, laying the full bag of bread slices beside her, his mother always taught him toast was best or some cream crackers but he no toaster or crackers.

Kiana merely nodded, she had regained some strength but she was still extremely weak, so Hanian decided to leave her.

"Will you be ok on your own?" he asked "I don't have to go out".

"You do if you want to pay your rent" said Kiana smiling "I'm can take care of myself if need be".

She pulled a dagger out from beside her and hid it under the pillow; she was good at hiding things, her determination, age and now this dagger.

"Won't help if a vampire comes in" said Hanian knowing that hated the smell of illness, but some were weird and ate anything.

"Then I'll be eaten" said Kiana, she closed her eyes, signalling the end of the conversation.

Hanian walked out of his home feeling good about himself, letting Kiana into his life would be good for him, even if she was there temporarily; locking the door behind him, outside it was colder than ever, mid November was a horrible time to hunt but a hungry vampire was desperate.

He recounted his weaponry, twenty small holy water flasks and ten steaks hidden in his jacket that acted as a sort of armour, but not very good, he needed to be agile so thick bulky suits where useless, a wooden dagger shaped stake, his first choice against a vampire, a handgun and lastly a Katana, there was more than vampires at night.

He headed away from the slums, Hunters always covered that area, despite the lack of reward they usually got from it but it's not about rewards to Hanian, its about kicking the king in the face, making it clear despite his lack of help, humanity can deal with the beasts but a reward was always nice.

Hanian loved to think of how the king felt about the hunters roaming the streets who where loyal, despite their different reasons for hunting, to the citizens.

Hanian climbed his usual ladder onto a roof top he knew would start a route of close packed buildings, so he could navigate the slums and entertainment district with the easiest of ease, but sadly the main road had to arrive eventually.

He quickly but quietly sprinted and leaped from roof to roof, listening for any sound behind or around him, twice he saw fellow hunters navigating the rooftops, the second one knew as Joshua, an amateur by title but far better than most.

"Hanian, I'm glad I caught you" said Joshua patting Hanian on the back lightly, Hanian did the same to him "I found a nest, six vampires or so in a basement under the Height's Nightclub.

"The Height's, are you sure because I heard the Black Magpies cleared them out a week ago, got paid pretty well to if I hear right?" Hanian asked, confused.

"Those guys can't hunt, they only kill what they see in front of them, never look deeper, a couple did escape and boosted their numbers".

Hanian nodded, Joshua was never wrong, they had hunted together countless times.

"Well six isn't exactly a two man job, we might need some help" Hanian said, unsure of who would be ready.

"Already taken care of" said Joshua smiling.

He whistled loudly with his fingers, figures in the distance that Hanian though where chimneys actually turned out to be two young rookies.

"You took on apprentices" said Hanian, dismayed at the obvious lack of talent.

"Family actually" said Joshua "My family has always hunted remember".

Hanian didn't forget he just didn't recognise the two rookies.

"My cousin's Andrew and Tyron" said Joshua "They are brothers, twins in fact".

Hanian didn't disagree; they looked exactly alike, brown hair, green eyes and childish faces, like Joshua only he was older.

"There sixteen, old enough by my family" Joshua explained "There both well trained, been training since they were five years old so don't worry".

"Tyron's a bit loud" said Hanian.

Joshua rapped the boy on the back of the head.

"He knows this" said Joshua. Joshua himself was twenty years old, but had only been hunting a year, Hanian had been doing this for six years since he was twelve, a vampire a month until he reached fourteen then the usual regime by the time he was sixteen.

"Well lets get started then shall we" said Hanian.

All four of the hunters navigated the roofs this time, keeping a good distance from each other at all times so they could cover each others backs should anything attack, but it was unlikely, vampires weren't so cunning to attack four hunters alone.

They reached the quickly and entered it carefully; the air was thick with smoke and smelled of sweat and tobacco.

Hanian was used to this, after visiting clubs like this countless times, elevated platforms, loose women paid by the owner to dance on them and a crowd so closely packed together you could stab a person and the victim would still look like he or she was dancing in the crush, perfect place for a vampire to get a drink.

People stared at the four black clad hunters, eyeing them curiously but with a hint of admiration, they let them pass mostly because of the deadly swords strapped to Hanian and Joshua's back, they bought them together after getting a nice payload for clearing a nest for a noble man.

The owner walked in the path cleared by the crowd, everyone had stopped to watch now even the paid dancers where still.

"Four hunters I see" said the Owner "Are you here to solve my problem, those Black Magpies didn't do-"

"We know" said Joshua "I followed one back here".

"I've welded the basement door shut, to much trouble" said the owner "My stock is stored in the kitchen now".

Hanian nodded, "is there another way in".

"A small window, break it down if you have to" said the owner "I'll pay you each one hundred pounds if you kill them".

"Done" said Hanian, lightly punching his chest to signal his loyalty, Joshua and his family merely bowed.

The man smiled, he led them to the back but hastily went back inside once there.

"Ok, Tyron, use your crossbow" said Joshua "Hang back here Andrew, we wont need you right now".

Hanian looked at Joshua "We could use the-"

"Don't interfere" snapped Joshua "He's weaker than Tyron".

Andrew didn't seem at all bothered by the comment; he merely crouched on the ground staring into the window.

"I can see six, you where right Joshua" said Andrew.

"Well the vampire couldn't drink all six jars by himself, they like it fresh" Joshua explained.

"Enough talk lets get in" Hanian lightly moved Andrew out of his way, then kicked the window in.

He slid into the basement, and was met by the six vampires.

"Now" he called and two seconds later Joshua slid in, just as the Vampires lunged, one got sloppy thinking Hanian was an amateur and he quickly staked it in the heart, it turned to a dusty silhouette of its former self then became a heap.

Joshua gave a loud huzzah as he decapitated another with his Katana, and Tyrone remained quiet as he pierced a vampire in the leg, then ran over and kicked it in the face before stabbing it in the heart with an arrow.

Three on three already, two of the vampires where tiny compared to the huge vampire, he was black and his was face screwed up to reveal his true nature.

"Don't let up" he said loudly and charged at Joshua, he hit him the face and he fell to the floor, Hanian rushed to aid his friend but one vampire had grabbed him by the neck from behind, Tyron quickly shot at the vampire, hitting it in the forehead, it withdrew screaming loudly.

Hanian however was too late, Joshua's neck was cruelly twisted until it broke, he was screaming in agony as it happened, the large vampire bit into his neck and drained him within ten seconds, this one was animal, blood dripped down to his white vest from his mouth.

Joshua's body was discarded like wrappings, a huge gaping hole in his neck; he was clearly dead and mutilated.

"I Jacob have slain your hunter" shouted the large vampire, making slurping noises as he licked his lips "Now I will drink the blood of you two".

He made for Hanian, a vampire knocked out Tyron as he reached for his steak and then helped his friend grab Hanian and hold him steady for their leader.

"Yes, you two will wash down the first greatly" he made to take a deep bite for Hanian's neck but suddenly he gasped in pain "Damn it" he screamed before turning to dust, sending the beast to hell.

Behind him stood Andrew, a stake in his hand, he rushed to aid Hanian by kicking one vampire off him in the confusion and Hanian quickly disposed of the other.

Tyron was still unconscious as the last one fell.

"Thank you Andrew" said Hanian, "perfect timing".

"I watched the Bastard kill Joshua" he said, a tear glistening in his eye "We have to take precautions, even if his neck is broken".

Hanian understood, Andrew picked up his Joshua's weapons, kitting himself with them, but handed the Katana over to Hanian.

"Joshua made it clear to my aunt and uncle, his parent that you should have it" said Andrew "As long as you are the one to decapitate him".

Hanian accepted the Katana, he planned to keep it on him, and two would make him more intimidating, suddenly Hanian focused on the world again, the loud thump and beat of the music upstairs snapped him to reality.

He raised the Katana high above his head, and swung down to hit his mark...

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