Seattle Lady

by Derrick Fleming

I was standing on the corner of 5th Avenue when our eyes first met. Surely a woman of such beauty and class would never allow me to enter her world. You are the type of woman who prefers a certain type of "gentleman". Although you did speak when we passed,I took it as mere common courtesy. You look like a Greek goddess. Watching you stroll down the street is like watching a great artist capture an image on the canvas. You were tall and quite refined in your stature. For a split second,I felt as though I could grab your attention. Maybe I could interest you in a cup of "Joe" or we could share a bagel while watching the ferries come in port from abroad. A few college buddies always said that Seattle was a magical city. This particular night was perfect! The slight overcast and warm drizzle were quite refreshing. Tonight I will lose all my inhibitions. I will conquer my thoughts of inadequacy and my words will flow as naturally as the Nile. We will dance like high school sweethearts to the sounds of jazz and the smell of bourbon and cigars. Tonight I will get my Seattle lady.

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