The Girl With One Eye

by Alex Pop

The Girl with One Eye

I woke up in a dark place; I think it's a cave. I can barely see a thing with my eye, it's so empty, left eye cavity is still numb but now a little burning pain is starting to kick in. My beautiful green eye is gone, he took a knife and cut it out of my skull...he stole it from me. It's so quiet; all I can hear is drops of water smashing against the sharp, cold rocks. I'm so scared, I'm petrified, I can't even panic or think straight...I can't even feel the pain coming from all the wounds covering my broken, thin body.

He just threw me in here, like I was an item, something that he could dispose of after he got bored, like a chewed up piece of bubble gum that lost its flavor. How could he be so evil? How could such an awful, disgusting monster hide behind that charming smile and sweet words? His was so innocent and soft, it was like that warm, friendly ray of sunshine waking you up in the morning and now, it is a sight that will haunt me till my last breath, the putrid face of death itself. His words...oh they were so sweet, like fresh honey and ripe strawberries Now they're like rusty razor blades slicing through my brain, cutting all the beautiful thoughts and leaving only horrible, diseased images behind.

The irony...earlier tonight I thought my life was just starting, that I finally found that perfect guy, the antidote for my sadness and loneliness when in reality he's the poison that will kill me. I will die, I feel it, it's this big numbing, empty feeling that squeezes my heart. I'm not afraid; I was always scared of death, scared of not knowing what will I feel and what will happen after but now that I'm in death's arms, I'm not afraid anymore, I don't care what awaits me after.

I'm just so angry, angry because of what that monster did to me, angry that he stole my life and my hopes and dreams; angry that he stole my eye and the gift that I was saving for the right man...I hate him so much. I hope dies and I hope he suffers, I want to see him burn in hell, I want to see that smile melt away as he screams in agony for forgiveness. I am so angry that I can't even cry, he doesn't deserve my tears, he got my eye and my blood but he won't have my tears...

I have so many regrets. I don't regret a single thing that I did but I regret everything that I didn't do, I wish I lived more, I wish I wasn't so scared. Why did this happen to me? Please tell me god, please tell me, why did this happen to me? I never hurt anyone, I always tried to be good and I always believed in you no matter what happened, now why did you spit in my face? If you truly exist please, at least tell me why did this happen to me...of course, no answer, I'm not worthy of an answer, I guess I'm not special enough. I was never, actually, I was special, I was very special but no one cared enough to notice it. I wish they did, I wish I could have been special for just hurts so badly, it hurts more than my broken arm or the shinbone piercing through my skin.

I wish things turned out differently for me, I wish I had a Cinderella story and it all ended happily ever after...I don't want it to end like this...I don't want to die like this. I don't see a bright light, I don't hear god calling for me, all I see is darkness and all I hear is drops of water smashing against the rocks.

I'll just close my eye and imagine how things could have been and just maybe when I open it again, I'll be there...happy, with my beautiful green eyes and the perfect man, the antidote for my loneliness and sadness, the man that thinks I'm special.

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