The Woman in My Mirror

by Morgana Hack

There is a woman in my mirror,

her dark eyes sparkle with anticipation.

What's next, she asks aloud?

Good or bad, bring it on, I can't wait!

Her lips are stretched in a mischievous smile,

like she is flirting with me,

like she loves the woman she sees on the other side.

I can't resist that smile, the invitation

and I too break into a grin that says,

yeah, bring it on honey,

bring it on, good or bad!

Don't you know,

it's what makes living fun to us!

Embrace it all,

let it envelope you like a passionate lover,

let it permeate you like dewy morning air.

Make it your magic carpet with one smile from your ruby lips

and fly, fly away with it all, reckless and naked.

Live, she says.

I will, I reply.

She plants a warm, soft kiss on my lips

stopping my rational thoughts,

making me feel the life,

making me fall in love with her forever.

I'd do anything for her,

For that woman with dark, sparkling eyes,

In my mirror.

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