Rhetorical Zombies

by Panos Mamoulian

Part 1 : Existence !


Are we love machines

Or just human beings

A whole new race,

Can I find your trace?


It's a disease, and we have it,

We know it and yet we love it.


My leader lives in an isolated fruit stall

Should I call him Boss?

Or Mr. Darth Maul?


Like Shakespeare said

Love is blind, and zombies cannot see.

We just smell and

then, all humans cease to be.


We can't swim

We can't cry

But we have emotions

That make us wanna learn to "re-die".


Death for us is

A reason to live

We enjoy it as much as

beef with cheese.


What do you prefer?

We got all kinds of beasts

Fatties, tongues, the likes,

Giants with cleaves,

Topless without sleeves.


Cannibalism, has made us this way

Romero, that basterd, will pay.

Control us, oh master dominator

Romero, you great creator.


Part 2 : March in battle !


We live among the undead

Are we skeletons or just plain red?

Creatures that still live. Want to kill,

What have you got to eat in that smokin' grill?


And when I say GO!

I mean, eat humans to death.

Taste their guts,

Make a blood omelet.


I'm Todd and this is Katy,

Prepare for devastation.

We can make perfect zombie characters

In a fictional movie adaptation.


The angry mob is here, let's attack

Humans you are all

a filthy nut sack.


Make a huge formation

Raise our hands like Michael Jackson

But don't get a nose implantation.


Bring your Chainsaw, bring your guns

I don't even care

If you are the so called Ash.


Part 3 : Feed, Brothers !


We starve to death

Any moment

With every smelly breath.


We feed with skin and bones,

Kidneys for main dish.

All the other greasy stuff, blows,

Couldn't we just eat fish?


That's because we don't have a brain

See? Zombies are the Arch-Villain.


Watch my companion

With his brains all scattered

Got shot in the head, brain-dead.

The human who shot him,

just made his deathbed.


One of those pleasures,

feast on that flesh

chew it, spit it,

and then sphincter fresh.


When we hear noises

We go towards there

Sometimes we can't find food

Sometimes it's a Dragon's Lair.


Part 4 : FACTS


Get killed by shotgun

It's the most common kill.

But for the most part we like it

'coz It still can't make us feel.


You can find us in malls, park stations

There is no other place.

Can't dock, can't run

We always walk at a steady pace.


Infected? Yes we are

But so are you, reading all these.

Because this language,

Can be understood only by the diseased.

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