Nothing Like the Cold Winter Wind

by James Freed

Nothing Like The Cold Winter Wind

I feel the night as it grows and it grows softly

As the wind touches every leaf on the ground

I see them all around

Each leaf reminds me of you as I pick them up slowly

Knowing and also willing

As the cold wind blowing is chilly

I see the trail of falling leafs leading to you

I hope they will never end

Nothing like the cold winter wind

I hear six winds blowing in different directions

I don't see all of them but they do make acceptions

I see a leaf blowing away from me I reach out may hand

And it just blows away on this bright green land

I rest against a very tall oak tree there is still no leaf I can see

So I will look again and again

Nothing like the cold winter wind

I am still leaning against the oak tree

My cold hands on my warm knees

I allow the moon to light my way

Even though the leaf I am looking for has blown away

A night such as this I choose not to repeat

But luckily the faded leaf lands wet on my feet

I am happy at the end

Nothing like the cold winter wind

The End

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