The Espalier Albee Tree

by Susan Barrett

Edward came from England,

a sailing on the sea,

Arriving here on our Eastern shore around 1630.

His son named Ben,

sailed with him then,

and took for himself a wife,

Hannah was Millers daughter,

and they lived a pioneers' life.

They must have been busy,

Some might say it was fun,

They had eight children by the time they were done.

James was the name of Benjamins' son,

the first one born on this land.

And when he neared 30,

he met his Hannah,and took her by the hand.

Hannah died,1695,and maybe, went to heaven.

Her years were but 45,

her children numbered seven.

James named his firstborn Benjamin,

after his dear-old-Da.

Born in 16 hundred and 71,

at home in South Milford, MA.

Benjamin wed Abial Wheelock, 1692.

(What a busy woman, who.)

Started at twenty,

when she had four,

waited twelve years,

and then had two more!

Obediah was her second son,

and Oh-Oh-Obediah.

If the injuns' you'd scalped

had caught you instead,

you would have roasted in their fire!


we know,

that was in different times,

and you probably,


paid all the fines....

But Oh,


ya got to know,


That kind of thing,


it's a no-no.

Obediah wed a Scottish Lass,

her name was Jean,or Jane.

You may see her in your looking glass,

her hair as red as flame.

Then ponder just a moment,

you don't even know her name.

Remember though, that her third son

was Benjamin,


Now I don't know what our third Ben did

in the Revolutionary War,

probably carried a gun or something,

isn't that what war is for?

Benjamin Albee took for his wife,

Abygail Clifford,and kept her for life.

She bore him thirteen children,


in November when he died,

One hundred-fifty sets of eyes stood 'round his grave and cried.

Of Benjamin and Abygail,

their second son was William.

Now sit and read the sad,sad tale,

of Martha Moore and William.

Martha first wed Parsons ,J.,

when she was so very young,

But there was a War in this country,

and he was shot dead with a gun.

In 1789,

Will took Martha as his bride.

In June of 1793,

both their little children died.

Then in September, 1794,

Samuel graced the Albee's cottage door.

Sam wed Sophie,


before she was twenty,

bore him three children,

but then was no more.

Samuel had two small children,

what's a widower to do?

That man,

he took those children


a Doctor he did woo...

Samuel and Jane Fales wed in 1822.

When Samuel was 35, and Jane was 23,

they had a son and named him

Parker Bishop Albee.

In good time that Parker,

he did fetch himself a wife,

And as near as I can figure,

lived a pretty happy life.

They had a son,

in all due time,

he and his Rhoda dear,

but the thing that I must tell you now,

may bring to you a tear.

For Parkers son, Frank Steadman,

was not spared the awful curse,

of holding baby Herbert,

as she was carried to the hearse.

Annie was a Hammond before she took our name.

Dying of Typhoid Fever was her only claim to fame.

But before she died,

age 19,

in Gloucester-by-the-Sea,

She brought forth your ancestor,

Herbert Steadman Albee.

Herbert Steadman Albee was just 21 years of age,

When he wed Elva Small and brought her to the Albee stage.

She had 9 live babies with him,

over 15 years of time,

but when it all was over,

only 4 boys did survive.

One of them was Leo,

he was a middle son,

and from what I've heard about him,






He married Anna, with the Briggs' blue eyes,

She bore him five babies


made sure they all survived.

They gave us Leo, Elva and Marian so dear,

then Lawrence and Susan, who brought up the rear.


you are their children,

Now you tend the tree.

I've done my part,

little darlings,

I've married three!

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